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Grenadier Grips – Blow up your Forearms!

Grenadier Grips are these rubber bar grips that you slot onto your dumbells or barbells. The idea is that holding the weight with these grips creates more of a challenge for the hand and forearms. The Grenadier Grips make the handle of the weight thicker, more awkward and more challenging to hold which will, in turn, give your forearms more of a workout building thicker forearms and a much stronger grip. A worthwhile addition to any gym bag.

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Why would I want a stronger grip?

Well, amongst other things a stronger grip can improve the amount of weight you’re able to work with in the gym. Consider the deadlift, for example, many times when you go heavy the first place you feel the strain in is your hands and forearms meaning you have to put the weight down. With a stronger grip, you’ll be able to go for longer and hold much more weight. The same can be said for pretty much any exercise you do involving barbells, dumbells as well as pull ups. It’s a win win. Yes, you could go down the route of using straps but straps don’t encourage your forearms to work harder like these will.

Grenadier Grips – Blow up your Forearms

The Grenadier Grips fit onto most dumbells and barbells pretty easily.Depending on the thickness of the handles you can use Grenade Grips on machines too. They simply slip on like a glove.

If you want forearms like Popeye the Sailor, try them out. The Grenadier grips come in your choice of green or pink.

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