how to avoid caffeine addiction

3 Ways To Avoid Caffeine Addiction

how to avoid caffeine addiction

Have you fallen prey to caffeine addiction? Is it so bad that you can’t start your day without your daily dose of tea or coffee?
If you would like to try and cut down your caffeine intake a little bit, then here are some tips that you should consider.

3 Ways To Avoid Caffeine Addiction

Tea contains catechins, an antioxidant which is very good for health. But along with catechin, tea also contains theanine and caffeine, which can make up nearly 3% of dry weight. Coffee also contains caffeine in even larger amounts. Studies have revealed that caffeine is addictive in nature and is extremely harmful for human body.


caffeine addictionCaffeine

Caffeine is a drug that stimulates our senses, relieves from headaches, dizziness and physical craving, and enhances activeness in body. But if the body takes in high levels of caffeine in a short period of time then it can affect our body adversely.

Some of the many negative effects of caffeine are increased tenderness in breast, prostate cancer, irritation, heartburn, upset stomach, and a decreased level of fertility.

There are many alternatives to tea and coffee which will give you the same stimulation to remain alert and active for the whole day. Some of them are listed below.


Hot soup

Whether you drink tea or coffee for the ‘pick me up’ in the morning or to stay awake to work late, there are many delicious alternatives to it. Try hot soups like tomato soup or vegetable broth.

Soups give you the warm satisfaction that you normally get from a cup of tea or coffee. It gives you the sensation of being full too, so if you are weaning caffeine addiction for dieting soups are the best option for you. The higher protein content in soups gives a ‘stop eating’ message to the brain. This way you can control your diet without remaining hungry.


Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is a good option to cut down on caffeine. Cocoa contains minimal amounts of caffeine. Nowadays however, most hot chocolate is made from carob instead of cocoa. Carob is a small plant found in tropical areas. Its skin is finely ground to be used as substitute for cocoa.

Carob is completely free of caffeine. To prepare carob hot choc, add 1 tsp. carob, ¼ tsp. corn starch & 6 ounces milk. Set the temperature to medium heat until the mixture becomes buttery and soft. Add vanilla or sugar.


Cold drinks and smoothies

Cold drinks and smoothies are a good alternative to tea and coffee, even if you are just looking for a change and are not worried about caffeine content. Blend some natural ingredients such as fruit and yoghurt with milk and it becomes a high protein fulfilling drink. If you like the sweet taste of it you can add natural sweetness of figs and bananas.


If you really do need your daily fix of tea or coffee there are plenty of decaf options on the market – after a few cups you won’t notice the difference! With all these alternatives you will surely be able to wean off your caffeine addiction.



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