Top 5 Foods To Avoid If You Want Six Pack Abs

Foods to Avoid

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5 Foods To Avoid for Six Pack Abs

It’s all about making good choices and ensuring you have the best diet possible, although there are certain foods to avoid if you are serious about getting those six pack abs:


1.) White Flour

Avoid it because it has no nutritional value at all. This includes products containing enriched, bleached or other flour based additions. In fact, you may as well eat a cupcake as eat a white bread sandwich, as flour immediately changes into sugar when it arrives in the blood stream.


2.) Potato Chips/Crisps & French FriesFoods to Avoid fries

You may have heard that most things are acceptable in moderation, although that does definitely not apply to potato chips and French fries, which should be avoided by anyone concerned about diet choices.Deep frying of this food saturates it in trans fat oil, they are full of starch and often contain preservatives. Using your own fresh potatoes baked in the oven is one way to get healthier fries if you really must eat fries every so often.


3.) High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup is not healthy in general and is best to avoid. The body processes it in a different way.The liver digests it first. Sometimes it misleadingly goes by the name of corn syrup or HFCS on food labels, so keep your eyes peeled for this ingredient.


4.) Frozen/Ready Meals

Most of those frozen meals really don’t taste that great and are often full of chemicals and artificial ingredients, despite having the words ‘lean’ or ‘natural’ in their name. For a healthier option and a much tastier one, try a grilled chicken breast.


5.) Fast FoodFoods to Avoid burger

We all succumb to fast food sometimes, although if you eat too much of it, you can be on the fast track to a heart attack. Most of these meals make poor diet choices as they contain a lot of trans fats, which are not good for anyone looking for a toned stomach. The trans fats have the effect of increasing the amount of so called bad cholesterol, while at the same time lowering the amount of good cholesterol.


If you are serious about having six pack abs and a toned stomach, or simply want to be healthier, the foods mentioned are definitely foods to avoid, or cut back on as best you can. One strategy is to keep it as simple as possible and make a point of reading the labels so that you have a better idea of what you are buying and eating.



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