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Top 6 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Muscle Gains

It’s hard not to notice celebrity muscle gains. When we see the body transformation of an actor for a film role, from not-so-big to beefy, we get curious and many times we wonder, how the hell did he do that?

However they do it, whether they work out 8 hours a day non-stop or eat enough calories to feed a whole family for a week, some of the transformations are pretty impressive.

So we’ve put together the most notable Celebrity Muscle Gains for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Here are our Top 6 Mind-Blowing Celebrity Muscle Gains  



1.     Gerard Butler


When 300 was released, not only were the girls staring in amazement but so were the men. Gerard’s secret: he just lost weight. When men are muscular and fat, they still look fat. To reveal a more muscular physique, he lost 20 pounds of his fat weight.


Gerard Butler worked out before each scene so that his muscles were engaged and his blood flow was stimulated. Pushups and weight lifting right before a scene, before they say action, pumped him up and added muscle.

His routine included a mix of high-intensity training and circuit training along with a little pumping action right before each scene to create a more dramatic, Hollywood effect.


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2.     Chris Hemsworth


In this case, the actor had to gain weight for his role as Thor. His regime was no secret; he just ate a lot and lifted weights.

”I feel as if I’ve been busy, but all I’ve been doing is eating all day,” Chris says, “Eating when you’re not hungry and taking in that amount of food is exhausting.”

Chris Hemsworth had to consume foods with heaps of calories, from healthy foods such as brown rice, vegetables, and meat and include a typical bodybuilding routine to get into shape.

3.     Celebrity Muscle Gains – Tom Hardy


The actor who played Bane, in the 2012 Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises, as we all noticed had to get spectacularly huge for it.

He had to gain 30 pounds to play the lead villain in the movie, for which he had to consume a huge amount of calories, which also came from a lot of junk varieties to speed the process up.

Tom had to include a lot of calories in his diet, from junk food and chicken and rice. Most of his calories were from fats. His large exterior was a result of lifting weights… and clever cinematography.



4.     Mark Wahlberg


To play a bodybuilder in the 2013 movie, Pain And Gain, the actor, who was already big enough, had to gain about 40 pounds.

“I was eating 10 meals a day and drinking mass gainers… It was a lot of work.” He says: “A lot of getting up at two in the morning to eat another meal and I was still full from the meal at 10 o’clock.”

His workout was the same routine as that of Chris Hemsworth’s for the movie, Thor, however, his workout included much more volume.

His secret: A huge amount of foods, around 10 meals per day and a lot of weight lifting.


5.     Christian bale


From emaciated to bulky, this actor had to gain a lot of muscle and weight to get into the role of Batman. For his role in The Machinist, he had to lose 63 pounds to look like a cancer patient.


Later in 1 year, Christian had to gain 109 pounds in one year, allowing room for very little fat.


Next, is Christian Bale who not only gained an immense amount of weight within a short period of time but also minimal body fat.

Bale regained his weight after his starvation diet for The Machinist with a diet involving a lot of junk food. As for his muscular physique, he regained the muscle from his previous training for the movie, Equilibrium in 2002.


6.     Taylor Lautner


Not being a naturally brawny guy, Taylor Lautner had to make a serious transformation between the two movies. He gained 30 pounds of muscle in 12 months, pretty incredible a worthy inclusion in out celebrity muscle gains list.

Previously, a 140 pound, 5’10 skinny teenager, he had to morph into a ripped werewolf to play Jacob Black, he then had to pack on more muscle for the subsequent movies.

His secret: An extreme weight-lifting workout regimen and a healthy diet.



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