Exercise For Busy People: Top 6 Tips

busy schedule Exercise

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busy schedule Exercise

Having a tight schedule is one of the famous excuse people make why they don’t have time to exercise. But here’s the clincher, you can get some exercise even if you have a busy schedule.

If you still are not convinced that you still can get a good amount of exercise while harbouring a tight schedule, read on and learn.


walk to work exercise

1. Walk to work

Get up earlier than usual and use your commute as a great workout. Walking or riding a bicycle to work is a great way to burn those calories while squeezing some exercise time into your tight schedule. Walking is a great exercise because it does not expose the body to too much injury risk.

Walking is something that all people do naturally so it does not put unnecessary strain on your knees and feet. If you can, park your car about a mile away from the office and walk the rest of the way. Instead of taking the elevator, try to walk up the stairs for additional time of exercise. Just bring along some extra clothes that you can change into because you will be sweating a lot and it would not be so nice to be meeting clients and you’re dripping with a lot of sweat.


2. Stand most of the time

You may not know it but you get to burn a considerable amount of calories just by standing. Ditch the chair when you are taking or making a call or even doing some less intense activities around your cubicle and stand up. Increase the level by walking in place as you stand up for more calories burned. According to studies, a person can burn up to 98 calories per hour in an eight-hour shift. If you remain standing throughout your shift you stand to burn 570 calories. You can burn 100 calories more when standing compared if you are just sitting idly.


3. Get an early start

If you don’t have time within the day to exercise then try to do the workout before you actually start your day. Remember, you only need 30 minutes a day to have a great exercise. Try to wake up 30 minutes earlier than usual and use the time to so some cardio or some resistance exercises. You can use a stationary bike or just run around the neighborhood. Be sure you do it during safe periods of the day or you might end being mugged if you do your exercises outdoors and the sun has yet to rise.


4. Less Facebook time

Facebook is okay but we all know anything in excess is bad. There have been studies that more exposure to social media can be the leading causes of anxiety.         Yes, getting into Facebook longer than normal can cause social anxiety. Instead of spending time in social media, why not spend it doing some simple exercises that can help you get healthier and fitter?


5. Exercise at your desk

Better believe it, but there are exercises that you can do while you are near your desk. Spend some time from your breaks by doing some simple exercises that you can do at your desk. You can get information about the desk-bound exercises in some resources that you can find online.


6. Exercise on a weekend

You don’t need to be exercising every day. You only need from three to five days of exercise and you can take advantage of the weekend to fulfill your work out requirements. What makes exercising on a weekend all so wonderful is its flexibility. Since you have no work for two days you have the luxury of extending the exercise time to complete the necessary two and a half workout hours that doctors recommend per week.




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