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    A gadget that reminds you to drink water. Really?


    Every now and then I see a product or a new concept of a product that just leaves me dumbfounded, mainly because I struggle to understand why people think there is a genuine need for this particular item. But then, I remember that a large part of product marketing these days is the art or idea of convincing people that they need something that they truly do not need. This product takes that idea and runs with it.

    ulla-smart-water hydration reminder
    It knows when you’re not drinking, it blinks when you forget – like an eyeball.

    Enter the ‘Ulla – Smart Hydration Reminder’. So this is a new invention which is basically a rubber band type sensor that you put around your water bottle or glass, you turn it on and the magic begins. It fits any shape water bottle or glass and is “perfect for a busy workplace”. It blinks if your bottle has not been drunk out of in 40 minutes – check out their promotional video below

    • It has a drinking detection sensor. So it knows when the bottle is picked up and drank from.
    • It’s 100% automatic (Thank God for that),
    • It blinks when you forget to drink water.


    I wonder if the next iteration of this Ulla will have a voice that tells you the optimal angle to tilt your head back when drinking water.

    “Optimal drinking angle achieved, please start drinking”…  As people take on water using their smart hydration reminders.

    Because some of us need to be told how to drink!

    Drinking water is, of course, something a lot of people need to do more, but is it really so hard to do that a person would consider shelling out money for a gadget like this?

    I’m going to ignore the voiceover guy from the video’s claims that “People are busy, most of us forget to drink water all the time” and just give you 5 easy things you can do to drink water if you are on the verge of considering shelling out $____ on this Ulla.

    1. Set an alarm on your phone or a timer to go off every couple hours.
    2. Put a post-it note on the corner of your computer monitor
    3. Keep a water bottle on your desk so it’s always in front of you. Constant reminder
    4. Every time you come back from a toilet break, have a glass of water. Get into the routine
    5. Use an app. There are a ton of free apps you can get which function as a reminder to drink water.

    More info, Ulla.io

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    WIN! Powerbeats 3 Headphones

    powerbeats3-competition review


     WIN! Powerbeats 3 Wireless Sports Headphones

    First I review, then I giveaway 🙂

    The new Powerbeats 3 wireless sports earphones have been making waves.

    The third iteration of the popular sports headphones reviewed HERE have awesome sound quality, great durability, and are fully sweat proof. They can pretty much take whatever you throw at them…

    For your chance of winning…

    You can enter this competition in 3 ways

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    • ONE winner will be selected on Friday 16th June 2017 AT 4PM
    • Make sure you use a REAL account otherwise I won’t be able to send you your prize.


    Enter details below to WIN

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    New FitBit Alta HR – Style over Substance, or a fine Balance?

    fitbit alta review
    fitbit-alta-hr-review best fitness tracker for women
    Courtesy of fitbit.com

    The FitBit Alta HR has almost the same specs and features of the larger FitBit Charge 2 but in a smaller and slimmer design.


    If you thought FitBits were small before, they’re even smaller now. This new FitBit Alta HR comes in at the same size as the old Alta, but this one has continuous heart rate monitoring. It tracks sleep, calories burned, steps taken, distance and your active minutes. In order to see your data, all you have to do is to tap the case below the screen.

    Think of it as a simplified fitness activity tracking device, giving continuous heart rate and basic phone notifications. Having worn the FitBit Alta HR for almost a month, I can say I am really impressed with it.

    The FitBit Alta HR is very comfortable on the wrist, mainly due to the fact it’s smaller, you hardly notice it’s there. It also doesnt need to be charged every day like my phone, it has a 7-day battery life. It’s a bummer that it has no water resistant capabilities, so it can’t be worn in the shower. But this may not be a deal breaker for everyone.

    The FitBit Alta HR costs £105, £150 for the special edition version, which comes in at roughly the same price as the larger Charge 2 (£108 at the time of print).

    Image courtesy of fitbit.com

    The Alta HR has a narrow LED monochrome screen which displays incoming calls, calendar alerts, text messages and will also remind you to move throughout the day if it senses that you have been motionless for too long. A feature I have seen in a few other fitness watches such as the Apple Watch Nike +Apple Watch Nike +.


    New FitBit Alta HR Review
    Image courtesy of fitbit.com

    A very stylish fitness tracker with impressive battery life

    The FitBit Alta HRs straps are interchangeable. They are available in a multitude of colors, some in metal, leather, and rubber. The straps from the original Alta will also work with the Alta HR which is great too. Being able to change the straps means that your FitBit Alta HR will look much better for longer.

    Key points about the Fitbit Alta HR

    • Slimmer
    • Awesome long battery life
    • Continuous heart rate monitor worked really well
    • Straps from old Alta work with this one.

    The Bottom Line

    A good choice if you want a fitness activity tracker that just sits on your wrist and gets on with it. Cool features without any overwhelming or overcomplicated menu options to get in the way.

    £130, amazon | fitbit.com 


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    Powerbeats 3 Review – Bass Lovers Be Aware!


    Bass Lovers Beware! – Powerbeats 3 Review

    Watch the video – here

    Powerbeats 3 are the latest neckband-style earphones from Beats, using Apple’s W1 chip that already powers the cable-free AirPods. The chip promises better Bluetooth connectivity and easier pairing across iOS devices.

    Powerbeats 3 comes with:

    • Soft shell carry case

    • Short micro USB charger cable

    • 4 pairs of silicone ear-tips in different sizes.


    A post shared by Listedfit.com (@listedfit) on

    Powerbeats 3 are at the top end of the price range for exercise-focused, connected earphones. There’s a premium to pay, as usual, for the Beats and Apple brands. The cost is justified a little by the design with its water resistance and secure fit, and an intense, distortion-free audio experience for bass lovers.


    A post shared by Listedfit.com (@listedfit) on


    Design –

    A lightweight neckband with built-in ear hooks secure and stabilize the ear canal fitting earpieces. They really do feel exceptionally secure, and once you’ve chosen the right size for you out of the 4 pairs of ear-tips, it’s difficult to imagine even the most energetic workout shaking them loose. The Powerbeats 3 are fully sweat and water resistant.

    powerbeats 3 review side

    The neckband features a cable clip to help tidy the slack around the back of your neck, and a three-button inline remote is located on the neckband near the left earpiece. The outer two buttons are volume controls, while the middle button starts and pauses playback, navigates tracks via multiple taps. It also controls calls and Siri voice commands.

    powerbeats 3 review power button

    On the left earpiece is a power button that also activates Bluetooth pairing mode. The Bluetooth performs strongly for users of any compatible device, with a stable connection and impressive range.


    It’s got the new Apple W1 Chip – Only for Apple device users though –


    The Powerbeats 3 pairs and connects automatically with on-screen confirmations, and iCloud users can switch seamlessly between their registered devices as their Powerbeats 3 remains paired with all of them. You also get an indication on the screen of remaining battery life. The battery is good for 12 hours, but that will vary depending how much volume you use.


    Sound quality is good enough to compete with anything else in the sports Bluetooth earphones category at the moment. There’s plenty of fine detail and a notable lack of distortion, even if you turn them up really loud.

    The Beats signature punchy bass is present but is not overwhelming, as critics of many of their previous products have found. The wireless Powerbeats 3 may be their most successful product yet for overall sound quality, but it still favors bass-heavy music.

    The microphone performs well too, particularly for active users. It’s capable of maintaining a phone conversation while out on a bike and does a great job shielding your voice from wind and background noise.


    Powerbeats 3 Verdict

    • Audio quality is much improved. I think their reputation for expensively marketed, poor sounding earphones has shifted. You’ll need to like their mega-bass sound to enjoy these, though. They’re ideal for pumping bass to motivate you while you workout.
    • The design is very effective: they stay fitted securely in your ears during exercise.
    • The W1 chip doesn’t bring any real must-have features, particularly if you don’t use Apple devices so bear that in mind.


    £140.99, Amazon | beatsbydre.com 

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    Revealed: Shocking Urine Levels in Pools

    If you go swimming regularly, this is probably something you don’t want to think about: How much pee am I swimming in right now?

    A group of academics set out to find an answer to this question, it’s something many of us have wondered, they took samples from 31 different hot tubs and swimming pools for their research.

    The results were quite shocking…


    How much pee am I swimming in?

    One of the pools tested, which was smaller than an Olympic swimming pool about a third of the size of one, had a staggering 75 liters or 132 pints of urine in it. Ergh! While a smaller pool contained 30 liters. Gross.


    The study took place in two cities in Canada but the pools have not been named. But before you breathe a sigh of relief for not living in Canada, research shows these peeing in the pool habits are very similar the world over.

    One of the researchers, Lindsay Blackstock, a Ph.D. student of analytical and environmental toxicology at Alberta University said “Even though no one would admit to peeing in the pool, obviously somebody has to be doing it”



    On a related note, some do actually swear by drinking urine as part of ayurvedic urine therapy (never tried it myself) but getting a mouthful while swimming is definitely not a good idea. This is mainly because it can be harmful, can potentially cause asthma and cause eye irritation because it has mixed with the chemicals already in the water.


    How did they find the urine?

    Basically, in order to test for urine, they looked for traces of the artificial sweetener acesulfame-k which is a sweetener that is commonly found in fizzy drinks and many processed foods. It is found in the urine because it passes through the body and doesn’t get digested.


    From their journal entry in Environmental Science and Technology, the team said, the overnight color change of the water color from blue to green at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro highlighted the need to monitor the water quality in swimming pools.

    They went on to say, “Urine contains many nitrogenous compounds such as urea, ammonia, amino acids, and creatinine”

    “These compounds can react with disinfectants (e.g., chlorine) in swimming pools to form disinfection byproducts” (DBPs).


    “Exposure to volatile DBPs, specifically trichloramine, in indoor swimming facilities can lead to eye and respiratory irritation and has been linked to occupational asthma.

    “Although considered a taboo, 19 percent of adults have admitted to having urinated in a swimming pool at least once.”

    Have you recently peed in a pool?

    Comment below and let us know how you feel about this discovery.

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    Top 6 Fitness Gadgets – Get going today with these gadgets


    Getting fitter is pretty high on a lot of peoples to do lists at this time of year and there is a multitude of different tech gadgets that promise to help you out with this. But it can be very difficult to know which one to go for.

    Whether you choose to go for a fitness tracker that sits on your wrist or a sweat resistant pair of Bluetooth headphones, here are some of the best gadgets out there specifically targeted for getting in shape.

    Check out our Top 6 Fitness Gadget Picks



    Fitbit Charge 2

    fitbit charge 2

    If you want an all round fitness know-it-all on your wrist but balk at the price of the Apple Watch, or don’t like the look of some of the chunky fitness activity trackers out there then you should check out the FitBit Charge 2.

    It has all of the features you’d expect from a fitness activity tracker and more, continuous heart rate monitoring which works really well and an app which gives you a very comprehensive display of all of your daily walk-around and workout data

    The FitBit Charge 2 is not astronomically expensive and has everything you really need. Just remember to take it off before you get in the shower!

    Buy the FitBit Charge 2 here

    Check out some of our other fitness tracker reviews


    Monster iSport Victory Wireless Headphones

    Monster iSport Victory wireless headphones


    The Monster iSport Vicory headphones have a very useful feature, they’re sweat resistant. They also have given these headphones a new reflective cable that adds to your visibility if you are out jogging at night. They have a chunky in line remote too with raised and very grippy buttons which mean you are not too distracted from what you are doing if you need to pause or alter the volume on your audio.

    They feel well made, tough and durable and of course water resistant so you can actually wear them in the rain without any problems.

    Buy the Monster iSport Victory Wireless Headphones here

    Check out some of our sports headphone reviews here



    Skulpt Chisel

    Skulpt ChiselThe Skulpt Chisel is something you don’t see every day. The Chisel is designed to give you the best possible insight into what’s going on in our body from a fitness point of view.

    It works by using small electric impulses to figure out the density of your body fat and muscle, but the quality of that muscle too (how much force your muscles can produce in relation to the size of them).

    It’s about the size of an iPod and comes in at £89, so it is a significant purchase but does work out cheaper than going to a personal trainer to get this information.

    Buy the Skulpt Chisel here  



    Slendertone Connect Abs

    Slendertone Connect Abs

    EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) has changed so much sing the 90s. Slendertones newest unisex ‘Connect Abs’ system which focuses on the core sends small pulses of electricity through the abs which contract the muscles.

    Slendertone says that using this for 30 minutes is the equivalent to doing 202 sit-ups. And for added info, it connects to your smartphone which you can use to alter the intensity and of course record your progress.

    Buy the Slendertone Connect Abs here  


    Sense Sleep tracker

    Sense Sleep tracker

    Many times when you don’t see the results you want from working out it’s because you’re not getting enough sleep. The amount of sleep you get is VERY important to your well being.

    Instead of a wearable device, Sense is a little sphere about the size of an orange that you place on your bedside table, the sphere then communicates with the smaller “pill” that you place inside the pillow.

    It reads things like temperature, light, noise and movement and wakes you up with gentle alarms and a gentle glowing light at the time that is right for you based on your sleep data.

    Buy the Sense Sleep Tracker here

    Myzone Chest Strap

    Myzone Chest Strap

    It’s great to be fit, but recording your progress is very important too.

    The Myzone is a £129 wearable fitness strap that rewards based on your intensity and effort, rather than just the number of steps you have taken.

    The Myzone app shows you a simple coloured tile which has a percentage of your maximum heart rate you are using at any given time. You are rewarded with points based on how hard you work. Which should make it less painful to step out and workout when it’s cold outside.

    Buy the Myzone here

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    Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds Review



    These are the Jabra Elite Sport headphones. By Jabra’s own admission, these are “The most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds” A pair of Bluetooth headphones packed with technology, that promise great sound quality, excellent battery life and real ease of use.

    What’s in the Box?

    In the box you get:

    • Headphones
    • USB Cable
    • Charging box
    • Ear pieces which enable them to fit in your ear as snugly as possible.


    Before you use them you gotta make sure they fit snugly into your ear otherwise they’re useless, so make sure you spend a decent amount of time making sure that you’ve fitted the right size earpiece otherwise the fit won’t be good and you’ll be fiddling with them in your ears non-stop during your workout, run, or whatever activity you choose to do.

    I took them to the park just to see how well they stay in your ears. I did a quick little workout that would make the earbuds jiggle a bit, just to see how much movement it would take for them to shift. The left side fell out of my ears twice and during a jog, the right side fell out of my ear and onto the grass which took a while for me to find.

    Don’t Lose These Earbuds!

    It got me thinking, if you lose one of them, which could happen, you’re pretty much screwed. It would make sense if they had a little cord to connect them both which went around the back of the head.

    Considering the price of these being £229, the thought of losing one of them is a worry. Now imagine losing one of these. You would be left with one £115 earbud and I am pretty sure Jabra are not going to send you out a replacement for free.

    The charging case is really good though, it works sort of like a power bank battery and a carry case. Really handy because you don’t see many earphones come with carrying cases these days, it’s really innovative.

    The Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds fit into the box in the allotted spaces and once you close it, the box begins charging them. If you need to recharge the box you just plug the USB into the side of the box and the little light on the side will tell you when the battery is full


    The charging case/box is really good though, it works sort of like a power bank battery and a carry case. Really handy because you don’t see many earphones come with carrying cases these days, it’s really innovative. You just put the earbuds in the box in the allotted spaces and close it, the box begins charging them. If you need to recharge the box you just plug the USB into the side of the box and the little light on the side will tell you when the battery is full


    The sound quality on these was really good too. No complaints whatsoever. They did a very good job of drowning out the sound around me, so do be careful if you use these to jog on a near busy road because you won’t be aware of your surroundings.


    The app

    The ‘Jabra Elite Sport’ earbud, of course, come with an app, that opens up the full functionality of the earbuds. The great thing about the app is that you’re not restricted to only doing say, running, swimming or cycling.with the ‘just track me’ function it’ll track whatever you’re doing. Very useful.


    After every use of the app, it gives you a very comprehensive rundown of all of your data. Even giving some data I didn’t know existed! A very well thought out app for me, and the heart rate monitoring is a very good addition that works really well. It continuously tracks your heart rate during your workout without any problems.


    In conclusion, a great piece of kit, the features worked really well and it literally does do everything it sets out to do, my only two concerns however are:

    1. The price. For £229, I could get a Fitbit that would do all of my heart rate tracking and step counting and so on AND an awesome pair of Bluetooth headphones (like the AKG Y50 BTs reviewed here) and possibly even have change left.
    2. They’re earbudsThis concern as mentioned before in my review is a real concern for me. I’m not a fan of earbuds because they’re two individual pieces and if you were to lose one it would render the whole system useless. Jabra should have given the option of a little band or a string accessory that attaches the earbuds together that maybe goes around the back of the head, because practically if you’re doing sports your body is likely to be moving quite rigorously, so why have a pair of earphones that given the right amount of movement could easily fall out of your ears?



    The JABRA ELITE SPORT EARBUDS get 3 STARS out of a possible 5

    Love the functionality, but the price and the practicality let them down.

    Available from Amazon


    So there you have it, that was my review of the Jabra Elite Sport headphones – are you thinking about buying a pair? Or do you own a pair? Let me know what you think in the comments below…


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    Working Out On Weed, The Latest Fitness Trend


    The search for a way to enhance the way we work out has arrived, in the form of getting high on weed!

    But is weed really the way forward? Celebrity Chelsea Handler recently tried working out while high on her show and also a gym in San Francisco allows it’s members to smoke on the premises. Marijuana has definitely found a new friend.
    But digging deeper into whether smoking weed while you workout is a good idea, things get interesting. A study from 2015 highlights the fact that weed can and does actually lower motivation. Making you just want to sit down on and relax on the couch rather than push yourself harder in a gym scenario, and also wouldn’t really make you want to get up off the couch and go work out. But it has been reported that some athletes actually do use it to give their performances a boost.

    working-out-while-high-marijuana-in-the-gym smoking-weed-while-working-out

    So why use it then?

    Well, weed has an effect which helps the user dial down the response of pain, enabling them to go for longer without feeling like giving up. Which would probably explain why it’s on the US Anti-Doping Agency’s list of banned substances. It also has the relaxing effect, which can, of course, calm down the pre-performance jitters an athlete may have which of course is all part of sport. These are understandable reasons why an athlete may turn to weed. But as with everything, weed has its negatives. The continued use can be very bad for the heart, can cause inflammation and irritation of the bronchial tubes and the lungs, not good and lowers the efficiency of the respiratory system. Long-term heart problems are a risk also, weed increases your heart rate for up to 3 hours after use, so doing exercise with your heart rate already higher than normal would increase the risk of a heart attack. Why would you want to run the risk of a heart attack on the treadmill potentially putting you out of action for good?



    If you go for an edible instead of smoking it, let’s not forget the fact that your visual perception, reactions, and coordination can and will take a hit too. Dangerous if say for instance you’re lifting heavy weights above your head in a gym or in an environment where you could trip over something and seriously injure yourself.


    Common sense would say, it’s just not worth the risk.

    You may or may not know this, but the active ingredient in marijuana is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Now a study in 2013 in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal found that a workout of moderate intensity can actually increase the amount of THC in the bloodstream of regular users of marijuana. The THC gets stored in fat cells, and as the fat is burned during exercise, the THC gets released straight back into the bloodstream. Something to keep in mind even though the effects are small.

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    Are Bum Bags Coming Back in Fashion?

    are fanny packs coming back in fashion? bum bags

    In the words of LL Cool J “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” Well the bum bag or fanny pack if you’re American seems to be making its return.

    Some say that nothing ever really goes out of fashion, things get less popular but they always come back around. Ripped jeans, nose rings, Dr. Maarten shoes. All things that those of us from a certain generation remember being en vogue, then they disappeared and soon enough came back in fashion. So are fanny packs or bum bags as I knew them growing up coming back into fashion?


    Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ rockin’ his Bum Bag

    Growing up in the 90s, there was a guy on TV called Mr. Motivator – he was the first person I ever noticed to wear a bum bag. He was a fitness guy akin to Jane Fonda or a Richard Simmons who would appear on breakfast TV and do these little 5 minute workouts that people at home could do simultaneously. He was really enthusiastic and would shout encouraging things at you like ‘pump it up’ and
    But upon browsing a popular fashion blog and a shopping site I noticed they were selling bum bags! I couldn’t believe it, and for a moment I considered buying one.


    Bum Bags are actually useful.

    From an actual practicality point of view they are useful, In the past, I’ve asked myself the question is there some way I can carry my phone, car keys and water on my person while I workout outside? Well, yeah there is, you can get an arm strap thing for your phone and maybe one of those jogging belts I’ve seen on amazon. But none of them and I repeat none of them come close to the simplicity of a bum bag.

    Also, Bum Bags look much better than a flight bags! 


    I’ve never been a fan of flight bags. They just look weird. Like a shrunken shoulder bag. What can you actually fit in there anyway? Wouldn’t you much rather have a bum bag, bum bags look much better in my opinion, and you can exercise wearing a bum bag without the shoulder strap restricting your movements or annoyingly slapping your side as your move about.

    So if you’re considering a way to hold all of your gym bits and pieces then why not consider a bum bag?

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    Watch: What happens when you boil down Coke

    • A video showing what exactly happens when you boil down coke has surfaced.
    • We never actually see it presented like this. The thick gloopy syrup that makes up coke before the fizzy water is added to it.
    • It really brings to light what you’re actually drinking.

    Crazy Russian Hacker’ a popular YouTuber did an experiment which asks the question, ‘What Will Happen If You Boil Coke’.


    The video shows quite simply the disturbing amount of sugar and other ingredients present in probably the most popular soft drink in the world drank by millions of people every day.

    He pours one 500ml bottle into a pan and watches that boil, he then adds another 500ml bottle to the pan, slowly watching as it goes from a liquid with a high viscosity to a bubbly liquid to a thick gloopy dark glistening syrup with a low viscosity.

    In this video, he boils down 2x500ml bottles of the stuff.


    According to Coca-Cola, 100ml of classic coke contains 10.6 grams of sugar which will equate to 106 grams of sugar in one litre.

    See the video for yourself

    This is what it looks like

    Sugar, Caramel Colouring, Phosphoric Acid, Flavourings, Caffeine

    Whether you’re a fizzy drink fan or not, this really is an eye opener
    Are you a coke drinker? Let us know what you think of Crazy Russian Hacker’s experiment

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    All Black Adidas Porsche Ultra Boosts – Feast your eyes!


    *Porsche Design and Adidas mark their ten year anniversary collaborating together with this launch

    *Long awaited, limited edition all black colourway of the Ultra Boosts



    The ever innovating Adidas mark their fruitful collaboration with the lifestyle brand Porsche design with the launch of these All Black Ultra Boosts.
    After last April’s all white ultra boosts it seemed only natural that an all black pair would be the next logical step.
    The shoes match style with comfort and of course not forgetting the innovation of boost foam midsole, an energy-returning technology allowing you to perform explosively and react quicker than before while also feeling light to wear. I cannot wait to try these out.

    Want a pair? The shoes are available from March 1st, 2017