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The Powerbar 2 Review: The Best Home Chin Up Bar?

The Powerbar 2 Review: The Best Home Chin-Up Bar?

**Note** The Powerbar 2 in this review was bought by myself and not provided by a third party.

I’ve found a doorway chin-up bar that won’t put my security deposit in Jeopardy.

I’ve always been a bit apprehensive about doing doorway chin-ups at home. You have to make sure it’s secure which means having a certain level of trust in the product and your ability to assemble it correctly…

doorway chin Up Bars


My First Chin Up Bar

The first chin-up bar I ever had at home wasn’t an actual chin-up bar, I used to do chin-ups from the tiny one and a half inch ledge of the door frame. Inevitably one day the ledge broke off in my hand and I landed on my ass feeling somewhat dazed and confused a lot like the guy in the gif to the right probably felt.

The broken door frame had to be replaced. Long story short, I waved goodbye to my security deposit because of that so I learned my lesson with that little mishap.

Safety First!

If you want to do chin-ups in a doorway firstly good on ya’, as you probably already know calisthenic exercises are all kinds of awesome for strengthening your body, chin ups or pull ups done with proper form and technique are great for developing the lats, biceps, back, core and shoulders. Secondly, you need to make sure the bar can hold your weight adequately, each bar when you look in the product description should tell you what the maximum load is – if it doesn’t have this information I would steer clear as it may be a product of lower quality that could be unsafe to use.

My Recent Discovery – The Powerbar 2

With all these things considered there is a bar that I recently took a gamble on and has actually pleasantly surprised me. It’s called the Powerbar 2 and it’s made by a little-known company called Innovation Fitness.
The reason I consider it a gamble is because it doesn’t look like any of the chin up bars I’ve used in the past.

powerbar 2 chin-up bar folded

Why The Powerbar 2 is Different

The Powerbar 2 is different because it fits a large number of door frames and most importantly for me doesn’t leave any trace of me having done chin-ups on the door itself. The bar I had previously was this one below.

powerbar 2 chin-up bar

The Powerbar 2 has these rubber things that stop the door frame from marking.

powerbar 2 chin-up bar

The Powerbar hooks onto the top via this rubber gripper bit that doesn’t mark the door frame.


A Doorway Chin-Up Bar

This is my old bar, it had really good reviews but it left marks and scratches on my door and paintwork which is not what I wanted!

Problem Solved?powerbar 2 chin-up bar

The reason I think a lot of these bars are damaging door frames is because some bars don’t manage the load properly and so with repeated use they actually end up contorting and damaging doors and frames and in some cases breaking halfway through a rep.


Another reassuring thing about this bar is that it supports more body weight than any of the others on the market that claims to require no tools for installation.

It supports up to 280 pounds (20 stone) but has been tested up to 420 (30 stone). Another thing is that it doesn’t need to be assembled. You just open the box, unfold it and attach it to your doorframe, when you’ve ended your workout just lift it off, fold it and put it to one side. Simple.

For me the Powerbar 2 is definitely an unsung hero in the home fitness equipment area, I’m surprised that it’s only available online.


  • No damage to door frame – The very reason I got this product apart from working out is so that I don’t damage or scratch anything.
  • Very easy to set up – You flip out the arms and it sits on the door frame easily. Didn’t really need to consult the instructions.
  • Felt very strong and sturdy – No creaky sounds and no feeling that it could suddenly bend or break
  • Price – The price I paid was reasonable


  • No grips – There isn’t any sort of rubber/foam grip on the handles which almost all other doorway chin-up bars have, but I use weight gloves with this so it doesn’t really cause me a problem. If you have sensitive hands then do bear this in mind.


4.5 Stars

The Powerbar 2 is available for £24.60. (UK only)



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The Powerbar 2 Review: The Best Home Chin Up Bar?
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