adidas springblade review

Are These The Weirdest Looking Sneakers Ever? – Adidas Springblade Review

Adidas Springblade Review

The Adidas Springblade Razor shoe has a very peculiar look. The bouncy Springblade on the bottom of the shoe is meant to provide excellent traction for the wearer; however, on the same token, gives it a non-traditional sneaker appearance. Each blade on the spring blade portion is fitted to shoe size so you are guaranteed to get the perfect “bounce” in your step.

The Adidas Springblade comes in a variety of different colours from solar blue to metallic silver. The recommended retail price for these is £129.99, I found that a bit hefty, but I think these are aimed at runners and not for people looking for an everyday shoe. With that being said I would expect them to be exceptional in terms of comfort and usability for that price.

Contributing to its interesting look is the cleat-like appearance at the top of the shoe. It has a sleek design that hugs your foot, yet the Springblades on the bottom give it that non-traditional look. However, these Springblades give the sneaker a “spring” that is perfect for running. The blades give you that extra “oomph” and spring that is sometimes needed during a long run. The Springblade literally launches you forward! Very springy.

adidas springblade
My experience was an interesting one. Once I had gotten used to the springiness on the running track it was quite an adjustment to not wear them. After feeling the contrast to wearing these Springblades vs the running spikes I normally wear, I worry that the springiness although feeling pleasantly new and interesting at first, is actually being beneficial to my performance on the track.

My times were not any faster in these over 100m and 200m. Which made me wonder are these Springblades an actual hindrance in the long run? Does the springiness create some sort of imbalance to the foot that could maybe increase my likelihood of injury? I wasn’t sure. But it felt like a bit of a gimmick to me after comparing my times. One thing of note also is wearing these on a wet surface I did slip and fall a few times. The traction on the end of each blade is certainly not grippy enough to the point I had to stop my morning jog prematurely.


Despite their appearance, the Adidas Springblade Razors are really light and are made with a synthetic material. This shoe is specifically made for runners. Very well made, has excellent durability and is very comfortable. They feature the Adidas ‘TECHFIT’ system, which is a synthetic material designed to provide comfort by moulding right to your foot shape. It also has a comfortable textile lining and a upper mesh material, making them breathable, so they will handle the heat generated from lots of activity over a long length of time. .

These are a great comfortable all-around shoe that turns a lot of heads, however I wouldn’t recommend them for more serious athletes looking to shorten their track times compared to wearing spikes, the springiness didn’t actually improve my times. A lot of people asked me about them while I was wearing them because they look so striking, but the truth of the matter is that these the springs on these shoes may be more of a gimmick than an actual aid.

3 stars 3 Stars

LOVE the comfort and robustness,

HATE the grip and lack of performance enhancement.

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