Advanced Ab Workouts to Amplify Your Abs

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Amplify Your Abs – Advanced Ab Workouts The Next Level

Normal ab workouts with just one movement or no added weight can be a mistake if you are aiming for a good six-pack. Advanced ab workouts test your torso and they must be carried out versus resistance in order to stimulate muscle fibres and amplify your abs. There are three different ways of training abs and the plan below details these. These exercises for abdominals may be much harder than your current exercise plan.

Directions for the Advanced Ab Workouts

Choose one of these exercises and perform it after your regular workout. Do these three times a week. They can be done in 30 minutes, which is the minimum length of time suggested.


Your Approach to the Advanced Ab Workouts

If you are doing the decline sit-up or the weighted decline Russian twist start off with twenty reps. If needs be complete them in sets. Take twenty seconds rest in between each set. Add another five reps every time you complete the workout. Carry on and work upwards until you are completing fifty reps. Hold the plank for sixty seconds and keep working until you reach two hundred and fifty seconds.

A lot of men use crunches (flexion) as an ab exercise. This type of workout aims to rotate and stabilise the torso but is also a great way of training the abs. If you want to make your abs stand out then you must add weight to build your muscles.


1. The Weighted Decline Russian Twist

Secure your feet to a bench that is set at a thirty-degree decline. Hold a medicine ball or a weight plate and stretch your arm out fully. Support your core and twist your body to the left side so that your shoulders turn ninety degrees. Now reverse the twist and that counts as one rep.


2. The Decline Sit Up

The bench needs to be set up in exactly the same way as you set it up in order to do a weighted decline Russian twist. Lay back and hold a weight to the back of your head. Bring your chin upwards towards the chest and then sit up. When you are sitting up you will feel those abs contracting.


3. The Plank with your Feet Elevated

When you are in the push-up position let your fore arms rest on the floor. Lift your feet and place them on a bench that is behind you. Your body will shape itself into a decline. Brace your core and keep your body straight. Maintain this position for a while because these are a good exercise for abdominals.
Try out our advanced ab workouts and tell us how you got on!


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