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Today’s Big Q – Are Bum Bags Coming Back?

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In the words of LL Cool J “Don’t call it a comeback, I been here for years” Well the bum bag or fanny pack if you’re American seems to be making its return.

Some say that nothing ever really goes out of fashion, things get less popular but they always come back around. Ripped jeans, nose rings, Dr. Maarten shoes. All things that those of us from a certain generation remember being en vogue, then they disappeared and soon enough came back in fashion. So are fanny packs or bum bags as I knew them growing up coming back into fashion?

Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ rockin’ his Bum Bag

Growing up in the 90s, there was a guy on TV called Mr. Motivator – he was the first person I ever noticed to wear a bum bag. He was a fitness guy akin to Jane Fonda or a Richard Simmons who would appear on breakfast TV and do these little 5 minute workouts that people at home could do simultaneously. He was really enthusiastic and would shout encouraging things at you like ‘pump it up’ and
But upon browsing a popular fashion blog and a shopping site I noticed they were selling bum bags! I couldn’t believe it, and for a moment I considered buying one.


Bum Bags are actually useful.

From an actual practicality point of view they are useful, In the past, I’ve asked myself the question is there some way I can carry my phone, car keys and water on my person while I workout outside? Well, yeah there is, you can get an arm strap thing for your phone and maybe one of those jogging belts I’ve seen on amazon. But none of them and I repeat none of them come close to the simplicity of a bum bag.

Also, Bum Bags look much better than a flight bags! mens flight bag


I’ve never been a fan of flight bags. They just look weird. Like a shrunken shoulder bag. What can you actually fit in there anyway? Wouldn’t you much rather have a bum bag, bum bags look much better in my opinion, and you can exercise wearing a bum bag without the shoulder strap restricting your movements or annoyingly slapping your side as your move about.

So if you’re considering a way to hold all of your gym bits and pieces then why not consider a bum bag?

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