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Barefoot Running Shoes

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Barefoot Running Shoes – The Lowdown

Running shoes are called running shoes for obvious reasons; they are made particularly for running, when choosing a running shoe it is best to decide from the best barefoot running shoes choices for your type of running.

It is not recommended that someone wear basketball shoes strictly for running in, running in basketball shoes is very different to the running someone does for fitness and training. Wearing shoes made for the specific sport or activity that you’re engaged in prevents injury through joint and muscle discomfort. For runners the barefoot running shoe is becoming the shoe of choice.


What Are Barefoot Running Shoes?

Barefoot running is the latest trend for many runners who live on the beach or have access to enormous pastures and meadows. But many runners don’t live near a beach or a large clean, green field. Many runners run on streets and tracks that conceal rocks, glass and other debris that could cause a lot of discomfort. For winter runners running barefoot on ice and snow are well…unthinkable.

Barefoot running shoes or minimalist running shoes are becoming the happy medium between the natural feel of a barefoot run and the desired support and foot protection of wearing a running shoe.


The Advantages of the Minimalist Running Shoe

The idea of the minimalist or barefoot shoe is to find that sweet spot between running barefoot while enjoying the support and protection of wearing running shoes. There are subtle distinctions even in the types of minimalist shoe choices dependent on the type of running someone prefers.


The Various Running Styles and Shoes:

Foot_Thong2 Choosing Running Shoes Barefoot Running Shoes

Foot Thongs


Foot thongs are quite curious in appearance. The foot thong essentially is a strap on pad that covers the ball of the foot. The benefit is that theball of the foot is protected. The drawback is that it offers no foot support.


Trail Running Minimalist Shoes

The hardiest of the barefoot footwear is the trail minimalist shoe. Trail running is the most foot taxing running; there are many dips and bumps, rocks and roots that can harm a foot terribly. The trail running barefoot shoe has a thicker sole and better protection from abrasion

Train running minimalist shoes Choosing Running Shoes Barefoot Running Shoes
Trail Running Minimalist Shoes

while covering the whole upper foot. The structure of the shoe is pretty sleek and thin but this shoe is hardy.




Road Running Minimalist Shoes

This shoe is designed for road running and is so thin that you could roll it up and put it in your pocket. The sole is flat, flexible and lightweight, yet tough and durable. These shoes are low to the running surface and have thin soles.

Road Running Minimalist Shoes Choosing Running Shoes Barefoot Running Shoes
Road Running Minimalist Shoes


When comparing barefoot running shoes choices, be sure to keep in mind the type surface that you run on the most. There are barefoot shoe choices that are flexible related to what surface they are best for. Be conscious of “foot drop” and choose a barefoot shoe that adjusts for that. Most barefoot shoes are between 5 and 6 ounces which is substantially lighter than the conventional running shoe, however barefoot running footwear is very durable.



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