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Learning Taekwondo – The Benefits

Learning Taekwondo

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Learning Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a martial arts form that has its roots in Korea and is one of the most commonly practiced forms of martial arts in the world.

Learning Taekwondo – The Benefits

Although it is not easy to master, taekwondo is tremendously fun to learn and this keeps students coming back for more. It doesn’t hurt that taekwondo has a myriad of benefits along with self defense aspects, such as improved overall strength, coordination, speed, and weight loss. It is a martial art that can be enjoyed by all ages and can be practiced individually, with a partner, or as part of a group. So what are the benefits of learning Taekwondo?

Self Defense Benefits

The main focus of taekwondo is striking and kicking with the feet and hands, but there are also techniques that help you to block attacks, evade punches and kicks, and you also learn how to escape dangerous situations.

As you begin to progress through taekwondo training, you will advance from purely defensive positions and blocking maneuvers to the advanced stages, which involves conditioning your body and learning more powerful kicks and punches. You will also become more alert to your surroundings and know when to use moderate or extreme force depending on the situation.


Health Benefits

learning taekwondoTaekwondo is also an excellent form of martial arts when it comes to getting in shape. There is a tremendous amount of stretching and aerobic work involved which will bring up your level of conditioning.

Beginners learn basic moves that tone and strengthen the body, while increasing stamina and flexibility. Every taekwondo pattern builds upon the pattern before it, which helps improve a student’s mental acuity and physical strength.

The more experienced you become, the greater your levels of strength, endurance, coordination, and energy will become.



Beginners will not be able to complete certain moves in taekwondo because they require a level of flexibility and range of motion that is beyond a novice’s capabilities. However, progression through the ranks will see your core and spinal strength improve along with your flexibility, coordination and balance; this improvement will allow you to execute kicks and combinations that were once impossible. Front and side kicks in particular require a powerful strike with one foot while the other stays on the floor.



If you are not prepared to work hard to improve your taekwondo skills, you will not progress nor will you last long training in the sport. Mastering the different patterns, movements, kicks, punches and strikes takes time, patience, and above all, discipline. You will need to perfect your form and memorize certain strike patterns if you wish to become proficient in this martial art form.

However, it is certainly worth persevering with taekwondo, because eventually, you will notice the difference in your physique, confidence, and ability to defend yourself.


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