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Calories in Food – How To Burn Off These Popular Snacks – Calories vs Cardio

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The amount of calories in food isn’t something we always think about. You may love snatching a cookie on an errand or in the supermarket, many of us do but the calories they contain are not so easy to get rid of as you may think. Many of the things we eat day to day contain more calories than we think, not only that, burning them off takes a lot more effort than we tend to assume also.

Calories in Food – How To Burn Off These Popular Snacks – Calories vs Cardio

Exercise gets the job done

We are going to see the amount of different exercise you will need to burn off the calories that these different snacks contain.




Oreos come first in our list of five snacks. These are the cookies we all know and love. Sadly, they are high in sugar, fat and calories. Excessive consumption of Oreos can lead to weight gain. Six Oreos come in at 270 calories. This is not good news, is it? Well, no need to panic, there is some good news coming your way too.

How can you burn off 6 Oreos?


14 minutes of burpees

If you want to counter this menace, you will need 14 minutes performing burpees to burn the 270 calories in your body. You may have to be prepared here; burpees are hard and really utilize every ounce in you. As mentioned before, the calories in food are so easy to underestimate.

Starbucks Tall Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice latte is a drink made from a mixture of traditional fall spice flavors, espresso and steamed milk, topped up with cream and pumpkin pie spice. Unbelievably, one tall pumpkin spice latte gives you 300 calories, is that much? No need to worry yet, you can burn these calories down if you take on a good exercise.

How to burn off a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte?


30 minutes of jump rope

A jump rope can be good in this case; you burn these calories in just 30 minutes, burning more than 10 calories a minute. This may sound easy, but it should not be underestimated, it is not as easy as it seems, jump rope takes effort and commitment.


1 x KFC Chicken drumstick

Who can resist a bite of a delicious chicken drumstick? If you were not aware, that is what you are taking in 160 calories every time you grab one and take it down.

How can you burn off a KFC Chicken Drumstick?


16 minutes on the elliptical

Now here comes the task of burning these calories. If you opt on working out on elliptical exercise, your speed and intensity will determine the duration you may have to work out to burn off such calories. However, with any speed above 5.2mph you can burn these calories in 16 minutes.

1 x Cheetos (1 bag)

Cheetos are puffed cornmeal snacks flavored with cheese, which are a favorite for many. As simple as they may seem, Cheetos are not so health friendly. Ready or not, here comes one shocking fact about them. Consuming a packet of Cheetos gives you 150 calories? If this makes you freak out then you may have to consider cutting on their intake, but there is still no need to panic, not yet. With a good workout, you can burn these calories off in no time.

How can you burn off a bag of Cheetos?

30 minutes on the treadmill

Get into the gym, take a walk on the treadmill, and in 30 minutes, you will have burnt the entire 150 calories in your system. This is effective if you weigh about 155 pounds but you may have to keep going for longer if you weigh less than this, if you weight more than it will take you less time.

McDonald’s Southwest Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad

Last but not least, if you have a liking for McDonald’s salads, this is one you might be fond of. Made with pure chicken breast filet with no added colors, layered with savory black beans and roasted corn and tomato as well as poblano peppers to mention a few of its contents, this salad stands to its name. As delicious as it may sound, this salad is a real hazard leaving you with 520 calories in your system.

How can you burn off a Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Salad?

173 minutes of jumping jacks.

This workout will take you 173 minutes to burn the 520 calories this salad will inject into your body. It sounds like a lot, but you can still achieve this goal if you have the determination.

You can have your snacks, and you can do the exercise you are okay with, be it at the gym or at home. The number of calories in food can be difficult to burn off, but if you cannot do without the snacks, then be ready to follow through with the exercise to burn them off and keep yourself free of the risks they have on your weight loss goals.

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