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Alcohol While Dieting

Alcohol While Dieting – The Truth

Can I Drink Alcohol While Dieting?

Alcohol while dieting is a tough one. Imagine you and I are partners and we are talking to somebody about weight loss, and the person said, listen I’ll eat what you tell me to eat, but I’m not gonna give up my daily Krispy Kreme donut. Which is about 200 calories. I need to have one or two of those every night, then on the weekends I might have 3 or 4 on Friday or Saturday.

Now, doesn’t that sound stupid? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? You know you and I would say, how serious are you about losing weight? If you can’t give up your Krispy Kreme donuts, I mean, come on.

Well, people are like this when it comes to drinking alcohol while dieting. They say, listen, I’ll eat what you want me to eat, but you know, I’m not going to give up my two glasses of wine a night or I’m not going to give up my mixed drinks. Just not going to happen. Well, you don’t really have to do that. All you have to do is take those calorie totals and work them into your daily calorie totals.


It’s All About The Calories…

So, if you’re getting by on 1500 calories a day then take those 150 or 250 calories from the drinks you’re drinking and incorporate that into your calorie total. So take something else out and put the drinks in. But the problem is is typically people eat their normal required good foods, or normal amounts of food, and then they have a couple drinks on top of that. And those couple drinks each night kill the cardio and all the exercise that they did, essentially that calorie deficit that they’ve created gets negated by the 200 or 300 calories they have from their liquor.

If you’re gonna drink at night, not that big a deal, but don’t think that it’s automatic, that you can have that in addition to your normal daily calorie allotment, because alcohol has calories and additional alcohol will make you overweight.

You can drink alcohol while dieting, but you cannot ignore the calories that these alcoholic drinks contain. Work them into your daily calorie counts.

Danny Loeb

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Alcohol While Dieting - The Truth -
Article Name
Alcohol While Dieting - The Truth -
Many people trying to are reluctant to give up alcohol while dieting. But with discipline it may be possible to lose weight and still enjoy a drink.

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