The amount of calories in food isn’t something we always think about. You may love snatching a cookie on an errand or in the supermarket, many of us do but the calories they contain are not so easy to get rid of as you may think. Many of the things we eat day to day contain more calories than we think, not only that, burning them off takes a lot more effort than we tend to assume also. Calories in…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wm0FQMo85GM All over Liverpool school playgrounds kids people have heard folk tales of the bogey man that is Purple Aki, the man who lurks in the bushes, jumps out and asks "can I squeeze your muscles?". Weird fetish I know, but the folk stories are very true and Purple Aki has now had his sexual
Invisible/Imaginary Lat Syndrome - The Lowdown Have you ever heard of Imaginary LAT Syndrome (ILS)? The Urban Dictionary describes this problem as: “The awkward stance that some males take in order to swell their chest in a ridiculous attempt at make non-existing muscle seem present. Generally, the arms are lifted away from the body as
Top 6 Ways to Stick To Your New Years Fitness Resolution   Making a fitness resolution for the new year is very common. Unfortunately, it's also common to lose motivation to meet these goals within a few months or even a few weeks. It can happen to anyone. You want to get in shape, lose weight,

Meeting Women at the Gym – 7 Top Tips For Success Meeting women at the gym isn’t straightforward, a common question among guys at the gym. “How do I get talking to that girl over there?” Should you or should you not make a move on that girl over there stretching. That girl using the machine next to you – could she be into you or is she just using this particular machine because it’s convenient? Meeting…

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