Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss – 6 Stars Who Lost Weight for Movie Roles

celebrity weight loss celebrity weight changes

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We all want to look our best, or do we? Here is a list of the six most drastic and shocking examples of celebrity weight loss for movie roles that may even give rise to the question ‘Is that even healthy?’



celebrity Weight Loss Jared Leto Celebrity Weight changes
1.     Jared Leto

He is not a porker anymore; in fact, you may even feel the need to offer him a pie or two. The 30 Seconds to Mars front man, who played a transgender woman suffering from HIV in the 2012 movie, the Dallas Buyers Club, underwent an overwhelming weight change that shocked us all.

He only got involved in the movie a few weeks prior to filming, thus he had to lose a lot fat – the solution: he starved himself for a month. “It’s not about the most weight I can lose” he said, “It’s more to represent the character”

Matthew McConaughey Celebrity Weight changes celebrity Weight Loss

2.     Matthew McConaughey

Next on our celebrity weight loss list is Matthew McConaughey. Matthew starred alongside Jared Leto, in the movie, The Dallas Buyers Club, to play Ron Woodroof, an AIDS patient, who surpassed his doctors’ expectations when he smuggled medications into America. However, his approach was different from Jared’s; he lost his pounds with a more slow-and-steady technique and had great success with it. He lost 38 pounds in six months.

The star had to go through several weight loss plateaus, however, perseverance conquers all. His routine was a mix of a strict diet and daily cardio.

michael fassbender Celebrity Weight changes celebrity Weight Loss

3.     Michael Fassbender

Michael lost 4 pounds in 10 weeks to play Bobby Sands, a hunger-struck Irish Republican, in the Steve McQueen 2008 drama ‘Hunger’.

He would eat only berries nuts and sardines, and do yoga, skipping and power-walking daily. A “psychological prison” is what he called it. “I had to calorie-count, and I’d catch myself every now and again picking things up in shops, reading the label and putting it back – and wonder what I looked like. You’re totally focused on that, obsessing about numbers.’

50 cent fiddy Celebrity Weight changes celebrity Weight Loss

4.     50 Cent

Celebrity weight loss is no joke, to push the point home here is Fiddy, AKA Curtis Jackson. He had to lose a four stone within a course of two months in order to get into the role of an American footballer suffering from cancer, in the 2011 movie Things Fall Apart.

50 Cent is known for his buff physique, as well as character. The rapper restricted his diet to an all-liquid diet regime and also worked out at the gym, 3 hours a day. Fiddy says that he was so muscular, that even though he weighed less, his exterior was still not subtle enough. He had to then kick his routine up a notch by suppressing his appetite and including more running. He wanted to do the story justice and thus worked hard for it.

Christian Bale Celebrity Weight changes celebrity Weight Loss

5.     Christian Bale

How could you not have Christian Bale in a celebrity weight loss list. We all know Christian Bale is no stranger when it comes to sculpting his body and achieving a different weight for any movie he plays in. For the movie, American Psycho, where he played the role of Patrick Bateman, he morphed his exterior to a lean and more muscular physique. However, the same man was also able to bulk up for his Batman movies.

Perhaps the most shocking weight change he experienced was for the movie, the Machinist, the 2004 thriller. He lost a whopping 63 pounds for this role –one-third of his body weight – and went down to 121 pounds. His diet purely consisted of a cup of coffee, one apple, and water, per day. The actor also gave up on his social life and focussed solely on his transformation. His social life made him drink, binge and thus gain weight, and there was only one remedy for it: sever all social ties. Extreme.

matt damon Celebrity Weight changes celebrity Weight Loss

6.     Last but not least in our Shocking Celebrity Weight Loss Top 6 is….. Matt Damon

Matt celebrity weight loss journey began when he lost 40 pounds in three months to play a Gulf War veteran heroin addict in ‘Courage Under Fire’.

He ran 10 miles every day and ate only chicken, steamed broccoli, baked potatoes and egg whites. However, he regretted it all: “I went too far. I got sick and I wouldn’t do that again because it was just too much. At the same time, it helped the performance. I didn’t have to act at all – I was a wreck.”


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