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Disgusting, Watch What happens when you boil down Coke


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    • A video showing what exactly happens when you boil down coke has surfaced.

  • We never actually see it presented like this. The thick gloopy syrup that makes up coke before the fizzy water is added to it.
  • It really brings to light what you’re actually drinking.

Crazy Russian Hacker’ a popular YouTuber did an experiment which asks the question, ‘What Will Happen If You Boil Coke’.


The video shows quite simply the disturbing amount of sugar and other ingredients present in probably the most popular soft drink in the world drank by millions of people every day.

He pours one 500ml bottle into a pan and watches that boil, he then adds another 500ml bottle to the pan, slowly watching as it goes from a liquid with a high viscosity to a bubbly liquid to a thick gloopy dark glistening syrup with a low viscosity.

In this video, he boils down 2x500ml bottles of the stuff.


According to Coca-Cola, 100ml of classic coke contains 10.6 grams of sugar which will equate to 106 grams of sugar in one litre.

See the video for yourself

This is what it looks like

Sugar, Caramel Colouring, Phosphoric Acid, Flavourings, Caffeine

Whether you’re a fizzy drink fan or not, this really is an eye opener
Are you a coke drinker? Let us know what you think of Crazy Russian Hacker’s experiment

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