Current Date:July 1, 2020
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Deadlifts – Burn Fat And Build Muscle

While this article will not instruct you how to perform a deadlift, it will make you very much aware of adding this powerful exercise to your arsenal, for effective fat-burning results!


The deadlift is quite possibly the biggest ‘muscle working exercise’ on the face of this planet. It engages pretty much every muscle in your body and therefore burns a large amount of energy into the bargain. What’s more, it will send your metabolism sky rocketing after training, forcing you to burn a high number of calories between sessions. If you need to lose fat, THIS is the exercise to embrace!


Deadlifts – Feared by many.

Deadlifts are feared by many, but embraced by those that appreciate its power. There really is no reason to fear this exercise. For complete beginners, results can be achieved with minimal weight, simply by focusing on technique. As you become confident with the movement you can begin to add more weight to your bar or your dumbbells, and be assured that you are working your body in a time-effective manner that gives you good results.

The deadlift loads your spine, forcing your core muscles to engage and work hard. Too many people spend too long fixating on their abdominals and not nearly enough time working their spinal muscles. The beauty of the deadlift is that it works both – together.


Help with back pain.

This core loading will make your spinal support muscles stronger and do a lot to prevent or even start to cure lower back pain, provided that your technique is good. What’s more, deadlifts will teach you the correct way to pick up heavy objects from the ground without ‘doing your back in’. So you see, deadlifts are not just reserved for bodybuilders and powerlifters. They’re are very useful for everyday living too.


… And posture.

Finally, deadlifts are a great way of instilling good posture into our ‘desk-bound’ lifestyles. They force your body to use muscles that desk-sitting cause to weaken. Some of the biggest muscles in your body – the glutes (buttocks), hamstrings (back of the thighs) and upper back muscles – all come into play with this exercise, the very muscles you need to be strong to hold your body up straight.

So, if you want effective fat burning and all-over body strengthening, embrace the deadlift with both hands and bring your fat burning to a new high!