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Bulking With Oats – 4 Reasons Why Oats Are A Must!

Today we’re talking about why Bulking with oats is a good idea.

It can take months, even years to reach your desired physique when you start bodybuilding. 

Bulking is of course a process that requires commitment and consistency to see results. 

However, the more you know about weight training, such as the training involved and the right way to eat, the faster you will see results. 

Workout vs Diet

While most people tend to focus on training, many overlook their nutritional intake. This is just as if not more important than training. 

When it comes to building muscle, 30 percent is attributed to training with the remaining 70 percent attributed to your diet choices. 

All in all, if your diet is off par, your bodybuilding efforts will be, too. 

Bulking is when bodybuilders bulk up with oats to create as much muscle as they can in a short amount of time. The trick is to not gain too much body fat in the process as you’ll be taking in more calories than you can possibly burn off.

What are the Benefits of Bulking with Oats?

There are many benefits to using oats for bulking. 

Read on to learn more.

1. Oats are a Decent Source of Protein

Oats are a good source of top-quality protein. They are actually 11–17% of dry weight, which is a higher level than most other grains. The main protein found in oats is avenalin 

Oats contain about 80% of avenalin and avenalin isn’t found in other grains, but it is very similar to the proteins found in legumes. 

Protein is of course necessary for building and repairing muscle. 

If your workouts are intense (as they should be) the protein will contribute to repair damaged muscle fibres  

Oatmeal is of course full of the carbohydrates you need and it’s a good source of protein. Many people assume porridge is just eaten for carbohydrates, but it’s not the case.

To start, eat an average amount of oatmeal, which will be about 6 grams of protein, with milk to double the protein value.

Another thing you can do to add more is to add a scoop of protein powder/weight gain powder to your oats to pack your meal with extra calories. 

bulking with oats using oats for bulking

2. Oats are a Great Source of Energy

Loaded with carbohydrates, oatmeal is a great source of energy, especially in the morning before your bodybuilding routine. 

Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate which digests in the body slowly, giving you sustained released of energy for hours. 

Oats are also very rich in energy producing vitamins and minerals like manganese, iron and B vitamins.

3. Oats are Low in Fat

Oats contain 2 percent of your daily recommended intake of calcium and around 6% for iron.

Most dont see oats as a food that is rich in fat, but its part of why oats keep you feeling full. Oats actually contain more healthy fats than other grains do – healthy fats being the polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

The benefits of eating oatmeal include lowering your risk of heart disease and colorectal cancer.

No trans fats in here! 

 Not only does it give you the energy you need to bodybuild and, it is good for your heart, too. 

Depending on what your daily macro targets are, oats are. Keep your fat intake under control by bulking with oats. 

4. Oats help keep you regular

Bodybuilders should be eating healthy breakfasts to start the day. Oatmeal is a great choice for this, as we have discussed it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, but let’s not forget fiber. 

Fibre helps with digestion, which then helps the body to absorb these nutrients for building muscle.

A cup of oats will give you 4g of fiber. Oats have a mixture of soluble and insoluble fiber.

One cup of traditional oatmeal will provide you with 4 grams of fiber. Like all high-fiber foods, oats contain a combo of insoluble and soluble fiber, 

some of which passing through your body undigested, this works to keep your digestive system healthy and clean, making bowel movements easier and clearing carcinogens and cholesterol out of your body.

These are the 4 reasons why bulking with oats as an idea is not a bad one at all. Oats are a food that are so good for you you would be crazy to ignore them, especially if your diet is set to be a high calorie one.

Be creative with your oats too, oats are very versatile so dont be afraid to experiment with your dishes.

Happy bulking!

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