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Do I Need A Weight Lifting Belt?

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Do I Need A Weight Lifting Belt

A lot of people find that, wearing a weight lifting belt during exercise that only places minimal stress on the back, does not do much to protect the spine or improve their workout.

However, the question on the mind of a lot of people who participate in exercise is, do I need a weight lifting belt?


Do I need a Weight Lifting Belt?

deadlift small do i need a weight lifting beltIf you are doing things such as heavy deadlifts or power lifting, then it may be advisable for you to consider wearing a weightlifting belt. The belt can serve as a reminder that you need to keep your spine in the correct position, while doing heavy lifting.

Safety cautions are imperative when you are lifting free weights:

Most important is that you use the correct technique and form. The better your form is, the better your results will be as with any workout you do,  and you will be least likely to hurt yourself. Belt or no belt.

Spare your back by keeping your spine in a neutral, stable position while lifting weights. Also when your are either picking up or putting down the weights, make sure that you lift with you legs and not with your back.

In Summary

So in short, you only really need to use a weight lifting belt when lifting very heavy. If you’re not lifting very heavy then really your abs and other stabilising muscles can take the strain and get stronger as a result.

Also, ask for assistance. You should ask for a training partner to spot you, if you are lifting heavy weights. Prevention of a serious injury is way better than fixing one.

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