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Could You Use The ‘Squat Magic’ Without Laughing Your A** Off?

Squat Magic fitness gadget promo…

The most impressive thing is that everybody in this commercial keeps a straight face.

These fitness gadget ads always crack me up, maybe because I’m a bit of an immature soul. First came the Shake Weight (below), and now this.

In case you missed it, this is the famous ‘Shake Weight’, the precursor to the Squat Magic.

From the Squat Magic video:

“Squats are tough to do and can be so hard on your knees and joints”

My eyes rolled so hard at this. Fitness gadget adverts always use the same techniques. They ALWAYS try and convince you that hard work and persistence are a waste of time, and then they litter the ad with fit looking people with the body that you want, which of course leads you to assume that you will achieve this by using their product. I guess that’s what many want to hear and these techniques are probably on page one of  ‘Marketing Fitness Gadgets For Dummies’.

But Does The Squat Magic Actually Work?

Well, yes and no. The idea in itself is OK. The motion or movement does give your legs a good workout and the ability to add extra resistance adds more value to this product, you can give your quads, hams, glutes a good burn using it in theory. But according to some of the slightly less than pleased reviews I read from people who actually bought this product, they would advise you to stay away.

The product seems to be made from less than strong enough materials as many of the reviews suggest that if you squat too low with it the machine actually breaks!

Squat Magic review 3

Squat Magic review 1

Squat Magic review 2

Alternatives to the Squat Magic

If you think something like the Squat Magic is something you need for instance if going to a gym is something you can’t do and working out at home is your best option then please consider these alternatives before you go spending your hard-earned money on this…

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are amazing. Squats with resistance bands are probably the safest and most effective alternative to buying something like the squat magic.


Resistance bands can be picked up for less than the price of a Squat Magic, last longer, can fit in a suitcase not to mention the fact that you can do a multitude of different exercises with them rather than just squats. You can workout the whole body with resistance bands.

Check out this video on how to do resistance band squats.


Seriously, there are a huge amount of exercises a kettlebell allows you to do and unlike the Squat Magic, you can work your upper body as well. Another great thing about kettlebells is that they are so inexpensive and do not break. I have a small kettlebell that I actually put in my suitcase and travel with, mainly because if my hotel has no gym and I need an early morning workout I will just use a kettlebell in my hotel room. They’re great.

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