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Everlast Weighted Jump Rope Review by a First-Time User: My Honest Opinion


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The idea was to find an alternative way of doing cardio. I’m currently trying to find alternatives to running because the thought of running in the cold weather sucks, I wanted an alternative that I can do indoors. I heard that skipping is a great way to go, so after doing a little research I picked up this weighted Everlast jump rope for $15/£12

**Please note** I bought the Everlast Jump Rope with my own money. No incentives were given to me by any third party to do this review.

My Experience Skipping as a Beginner

The first thing I’d say about my experience is this. Skipping is no walk in the park. If like me at this point you have never seriously skipped before, you would probably think skipping is easy. You would probably visualize children in playgrounds using skipping ropes and think it’s nothing. Well, let me tell you this, skipping is tough for a beginner!

To start with, I set myself the challenge to go a full minute non-stop skipping. One measly minute. After 15 seconds I had to stop. Skipping is really tough workout when done right, and the added weight of the 1lb weight in each handle of this rope makes it even tougher

I mistakenly thought I’d look like Iron Mike Tyson in one of those ‘old-skool’ videos of him training for a big fight straight away, but I had to humble myself because it’s going to take some time.


I didn’t.

This just highlights the fact that skipping well takes a lot of control and stamina, it’s an all body workout. After my first 15 minute session of skipping I was out for the count. My thighs, calves, shoulders, biceps, and triceps were burning. I felt as though I had run 5 miles non-stop. It was great.

The Weighted Everlast Jump Rope Review


This Everlast jump rope is great. Be aware before you buy it that this is not a speed rope. By all means, try and use it like a speed rope but you are only going to embarrass yourself!

The Everlast jump rope I bought has 2x1lb removable weights. The guy in the shop that I bought it in said you can upgrade the weights, but I haven’t seen them on sale seperately anywhere.

The weight inside each handle is a solid iron rod that you can remove if you wish. Also, comfortable grippy foam covers each handle so it won’t give you blisters. The rope length is 304cm/10′ and adjustable. Getting the length of the rope right to your height is very important, I did have a little bit of difficulty adjusting the rope length, it was no easy task and had me cursing a few times.

Sometimes the most simple gym equipment is actually the best.

Using the Rope

As the rope spins the join between the rope and the handle makes quite an audible clicking sound. Some people don’t like this, but it actually helps you keep a steady rhythm and in turn helps you skip for longer.

As with anything, it will be tough at first to skip for as little as two minutes with the weights in the handle if you’re not used to it. But after two weeks of consistent use I could skip for much longer non-stop.

everlast weighted jump rope review 2

My preferred way of using this rope is to warm up my legs by stretching lightly and then I’ll get my headphones on, play a song for three and a half minutes while I skip. That’s the only way I can skip without distractions.

The weight of the rope will make your arms and shoulders burn but that’s a good thing.

I would say after a week of using the rope in this way I was seeing a difference in my arms and my cardio ability.

In Summary

This rope simply does what it says on the box. It’s an adjustable weighted skipping rope that is a very worthwhile addition to your gym kit.

The build quality was very good and you can get a very good workout with this provided you are physically prepared. The idea of skipping rope is simple and doesn’t need to be over complicated. This weighted skipping rope is simple, well built and doesn’t over complicate things with gimmicks. I like it and will continue to use it. Sometimes the most simple gym equipment is actually the best.

  • Good build quality.
  • Gives a better workout than running.
  • Ability to remove the weights in the handle if they’re too much for you.
  • Lack of speed – But then again, if you want speed definitely go for a speed jump rope and not these.

4.5 Stars

I would recommend this rope. Even if you’re not a martial artist a weighted rope is a great way to do cardio especially if you don’t have time to run or don’t have access to a full gym. I would call it an essential (and very inexpensive) piece of gym kit.

Where to buy?


Weighted Jump Rope FAQs

Can You Jump Rope With a Weighted Vest?

Yes, you can jump rope with a weighted vest. In fact, jumping rope with a weighted vest can be an effective way to increase the intensity of your workout and improve your overall fitness. But it is important to start with a lighter vest and gradually increase the weight as your body adapts to the added resistance.

One of the main risks you need to be aware of when doing this is the increased risk of injury. The added weight of the vest can put extra stress on your joints, which can lead to injuries such as sprains or strains. Additionally, if you are not used to wearing a weighted vest, it can throw off your balance and coordination, which can increase the risk of falls.
Go for it, but be aware of the potential dangers.

Do Boxers Use Weighted Jump Ropes?

Yes, boxers often do use weighted jump ropes as part of their training regimen. Not just boxers though, weighted jump ropes are used for body conditioning in a lot of other martial art disciplines.

Weighted jump ropes are believed to provide additional resistance and help build strength and endurance in the upper body, shoulders, and forearms, which can be beneficial for boxers during fights.

Using weighted jump rope can also improve your footwork, coordination, and agility, all of which are important skills for fighters to have.

How To Shorten Everlast Jump Rope

To shorten an Everlast jump rope, you can follow these steps:

1. Determine the desired length of your jump rope by measuring it against your height or by testing it out to see if it feels comfortable.

2. Locate the adjustable screws on the handles of the jump rope. These are usually located at the bottom of each handle.

3. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver or by hand if they are not too tight.

4. Slide the rope through the handles and adjust it to the desired length.

5. Once the rope is at the desired length, tighten the screws back up to secure the rope in place.

6. Trim any excess rope that is sticking out from the handle with a pair of scissors.

Test the jump rope to make sure it’s the right length for you.

It’s important to note that some Everlast jump ropes may have a different mechanism for adjusting the length, so be sure to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions if you’re not sure how to adjust your particular jump rope.
The video below should help.


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