exercises for cellulite Cellulite busting exercises

Exercises for Cellulite

When you are laying on the beach in your bikini, cellulite is the last thing you want on your mind.
Most women fear it and even more try to cover it up. The good news is that there’s no need to be ashamed, you can get rid of cellulite.


Exercises for cellulite do exist, but firstly it’s important to understand that cellulite can affect everyone.

Even some of the most beautiful celebrities have struggled with cellulite in their life.

cellulitefxdCellulite is caused when the fat presses against the inside of its cell and creates a bulging effect.

When this happens a lot you get that dimpled look you know so well. Don’t sweat it, if you include the right exercises for cellulite you can blast away your cellulite and make your buttocks and thighs appear much smoother.


Aside from eating healthy and getting enough sleep, you need to combine some strength training exercises with some high-level interval training.

Cellulite is fat cells, so the goal is to get rid of them.

The best way to burn calories and lose weight is through interval and strength training, this ensues you will be on your way to a toned body in no time.

Exercises for Cellulite – Example Exercises To Help Get Rid of Cellulite Fast

Bike Intervals

Start on the bike for a good warm-up, don’t forget your towel because you will be sweating!

WARMUP – Begin at a low-intensity level for 5 minutes, ensure that you keep your RPM over 60.

WORK – You will work two minutes intensely keeping RPM above 90 and have one-minute rest, repeat this 5 times. In total it will be 15 minutes.

Depending on your level of fitness you can increase or decrease the intensity during the two-minute work period.

During the one minute rest period, keep the RPMs above 50, so you are still rolling but just not as intensively.

After you have completed this, it’s time to head to the weights.


(3 Sets of 10 Reps)

The squat is one of the best exercises for cellulite, it’s great for toning the legs, it works out your thighs and buttocks but it also helps to burn a lot of calories.

Use a bar or dumbells, vary the weight depending on your level of strength.

Set the weight so that by the 10th repetition you feel tired, if you’re not tired by the 10th rep then you need to increase the weight a little.

Form and technique are very important, so do make sure you practice in the mirror before doing it.

Split Squat

(3 Sets of 10 each leg)

Use a bench or box but ditch the bar.

Place one leg behind you on the box, and the other way out in front. From here you will squat down with one leg, using the other leg to balance.

Make sure that your knees don’t go over your toes.

Again, perform your technique in the mirror and ensure that you are doing them in the right way.


(3 Sets of 15 each leg)

This is a great exercise for toning the buttocks. Lay on the floor with your knees bent at 90 degrees.

Lift one leg up and keep the other on the floor. Push up through your heel so that your bum is level with your body and it is completely straight.

Come back down again and repeat for 15 repetitions on each side for 3 sets.

Exercises for Cellulite – Stiff Leg Dead Lift

(3 sets of 10 each leg)

Another great exercise for your bum and the back of your thighs. Put a light bar on your back or use a medicine ball, bend your knees slightly and bend forward at the hips.

Your back should stay straight, and there should be no movement from your knees.

Once you feel the back of your thighs start to stretch, come back up slowly. Repeat that 10 times for 3 sets. you should really start feeling the burn now.

Jumping Lunges

(3 Sets of 10)

A great cardiovascular worker and calorie burner to finish off! Start in a lunge position, jump high as possible, and switch your legs in the air.

Land with the other leg forward and immediately jump again. Repeat that 10 times for 3 sets.

exercises for cellulite Cellulite busting exercisesImportant!

Do this workout at least 3 times a week with correct form and technique and you will start to see results. You can blast that cellulite away, but it does take persistence!

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