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How To Go From Skinny to Buff – Featuring Terry Crews – Top 5 Tips –

If you’re interested in going from skinny to buff and gaining muscle, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know you’ll need to get involved in some sort of weight training regimen. But the question for many people often is, how long does it take to gain muscle?

How To Go From Skinny to Buff – With a little help from Terry Crews



The truth is that there’s no one size fits all answer on the length of time it takes to get from skinny to buff. There are many variables involved according to your body type, age as well as gender.

For instance, younger people can build muscle faster due to high growth hormone levels as well as fast cellular growth. Also, a person that has a history of being active and is already physically fit will be able to obtain a muscular physique quicker than a person who is not normally active.



1. From Skinny to Buff – Body Fat

How much body fat do you want to lose in addition to how much muscle mass you wish to gain? It’s an important question to ask. A safe rate of weight loss would be about two pounds per week, which would be about one to two percent body fat per month. For building muscle, expect to gain about one or two pounds of muscle mass per month, that is if you are a beginner to weight lifting.

If you’re training regularly you are most likely going to see some results in a few months. But as mentioned earlier, it depends on many factors and the outcome
will be different for everyone.



2. Have Realistic Expectations


A newcomer to weight lifting can expect 2 pounds of muscle mass gain per month, that’s good progress. The goal is to keep your workout routine consistent. Those numbers will start adding up and after several months you’ll start to see positive changes in your body composition.

3. Follow a Healthy Nutrition Plan…

Remember that your diet is very critical part of your training regimen. Your body needs the proper fuel to build muscle mass. Lots of people use the excuse they don’t have time to eat more balanced meals and opt for junk food instead.

Start preparing your meals in advance. It takes the same time to drive to the fast food restaurant and wait in line as it does to plan ahead and cook your own food. Have leftovers available that you can microwave later to save time.


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4. You CAN do it Without Expensive Supplements…


There are so many bodybuilding magazines promoting tons of supplements stating that they are the ONLY path to true success if you want to build a killer muscle-bound physique. The truth is, the only things you really need are consistent exercise and well-balanced nutrition.

Forget about the short cut in a bottle because it doesn’t exist.

5. Don’t Quit…

Some people are persistent and will never quit at something they want to achieve. Others give up when they come up against obstacles or don’t see results as fast as they had expected.
Building a muscular body takes time and commitment as do so many other worthwhile endeavors. Rather than thinking of it as failing or succeeding, look for results. You may have to try different techniques or diet plans, but the goal is to continue until you find the formula that works for you. That’s when you’ll start seeing a person that you really admire in the mirror and realize all the work was worth it.

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Top 5 Tips - From Skinny to Buff - How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?
Article Name
Top 5 Tips - From Skinny to Buff - How Long Does It Take To Gain Muscle?
The question for many of how long does it take to go from skinny to buff and gain serious muscle is a tricky one. There are many variables to consider.