10 Minute Full Body - No Equipment Workout

No Equipment Workout 10 Minute Full Body Blast!- VIDEO

10 Minute Full Body – No Equipment Workout

Sometimes for whatever reason possibly a business trip, holiday or bad weather you can’t go to a gym, so a no-equipment workout is ideal. So in this video, world renowned personal trainer Katerina Popkova of Legally Fit Personal Training shows you her 10 Minute Full Body No Equipment Workout which of course requires No Equipment whatsoever!


You can do this workout literally anywhere that you have a little floor space to do the movements safely.

It is very important that you change your workout regime every now and then, you got to try new exercises, change the number of repetitions you do and alter the intensity. This is a great video that will ensure your workouts stay fresh, continue to keep you challenged and of course give you the desired results.

If at times the workout gets hard which it can, you can pause and have a breather before continuing. For beginners this workout can be a tough one to adapt to because it is so intense. If you can, do this workout with a partner – you will both encourage each other to go further and of course it’s always more fun with a workout buddy.

If you do this workout at least twice a week you will definitely see changes within 3 weeks. his 10 minute No Equipment workout at times can be fast paced but just concentrate on doing the exercises with the correct form and you should be OK.

Note: This workout is designed to be repeated 3x equal to 30 min workout.For maximum benefits.

Use this routine on its own to strengthen, build stamina and improve flexibility all over the body.

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