Great Pre-Workout Food Ideas

Pre-Workout Food

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Pre-Workout Food

Do you want to get the best results from your workouts? Make sure you eat the right food before you start.
Even if you don’t take calorie-rich foods, the foods you take before exercising can supply energy and increase your performance during the sessions.

Usually, if I skip meals before exercising, my results are not usually the same and I feel I have wasted my time. Eating before exercise will make you do a lot better during your workout sessions. Eating the right things before your workouts will also help you maintain the correct amount of blood sugar you need to avoid fatigue and headache. However, you should take the right pre-workout foods and not just eat anything that comes your way.


These are some of the best foods you can eat before the work out. It’s advisable to take them about 30 mins-1 hour before you begin your workout.


Great Pre-Workout Food Ideas



Bananas are a natural source of energy for the body. Bananas are rich in digestible carbohydrates and potassium, which helps the nerves and muscles to function well. Since potassium cannot be stored for a very long time in the body, taking one or two bananas will be enough to supply the amount that the body needs. Those who exercise in the morning need a medium-sized banana with half cup of Greek yogurt to remain active.

This should be taken about 30 minutes before going to the gym. The yogurt and banana will provide the energy and protein that the body needs during workouts.



Oats are rich in fibre. They help to send carbohydrates to the bloodstream. Their fibre content is moderate, as it does not cause consumers to gas. They consistently supply energy to the bloodstream so that you won’t feel weak at any time. Oats are also rich in B vitamins.

A cup of oats taken at least 30 minutes before workout is a good idea.


Wholegrain Bread

There are plenty of carbohydrates in a slice of wholegrain bread. It gives more nutrients when combined with jam, honey or boiled eggs. If you want to exercise in the afternoon, eat some wholegrain bread about 45 minutes before you start. You can also mix it with some turkey since at this time of the day; your body needs sufficient amounts of carbohydrates and proteins.


Fruit Smoothies

Fruit smoothies can supply adequate amounts of carbohydrates and proteins to the body. One of the good things about them is that they are easy to eat and digest.

To prepare fruit smoothies, you can mix ½ cup of plain low-fat yogurt with a ½ cup of fruit and a cup of fruit juice.

People usually make the mistake of taking proteins without fruits before their workouts. Fruits should always be included because their carbs are easier to digest.



What to Avoid

Even if you decide not to follow the tips on this list, there are certain things you can’t afford to ignore.


Don’t take fatty foods before exercising

Fatty foods are not easy to digest and they will make you full and weak.


Avoid raw sugar or sweets/candy

These can increase blood sugar level and may make you crash before you finish your workout.


Don’t overeat before your workout

The items on this list are snacks so they should be take the major part of your nutrition. Taking plenty of these can lead to sluggishness, nausea and indigestion.

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