Current Date:August 6, 2020
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HIIT Workouts – The Basics Video

HIIT workouts are very popular right now..

Mainly due to the fact that many people quite like the idea of not having to spend lots of time working out.

Workouts done in short bursts of say 15 minutes which are proven to give you results can’t be a bad thing right?

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HIIT Workouts – The BASICS

What is HIIT?

The simplest example of HIIT would be to sprint for say 1 minute, rest for 30 secs and then go again, continuously. Pushing your anaerobic and aerobic thresholds hard.

As you become more advanced at HIIT, your then go up a level by pushing your work periods higher and shortening your rest periods. Simply put.

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Do HIIT Workouts work?

Yes, they do. HIIT workouts work because they keep your body burning fat long after you have left the gym. Your body is not able to take in enough oxygen when you’re doing the hard work, so your body is behind on its oxygen intake. The oxygen is recuperated after you have worked out in order to return you back to normal.

The Result is your metabolism will run higher for many hours after you have stopped. Trainers call this ‘excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ (EPOC).

Doing HIIT regularly is the best way to use EPOC to your advantage.

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What equipment do I need for HIIT?

You don’t need anything. HIIT workouts don’t have to be done with cardio equipment, if you want to, you can use medicine balls, kettlebells or dumbbells, but using your own bodyweight works fine.

But do keep in mind that if you decide to use HIIT as part of a heavy compound exercise routine utilizing moves such as overhead presses, squats, deadlifts, chest presses, rows that you should give yourself longer rest periods between sets. This will lessen the likelihood of you suffering an injury.

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Note: Don’t stop moving during your rest periods. Keep moving even if you’re not doing work. You may just want to stop and give up and sit down but don’t. Think of yourself as a boxer, boxers don’t stand still when they’re not throwing punches, they keep dancing. Try it, keep dancing even during the rest periods and your results will be even better.

Remember the 1st workout is always the toughest so don’t fret if you’re completely exhausted 1 minute into it. Next time it’ll be easier because your body has gotten used to the idea and the sort of work it’s in for.

If you’re totally new to HIIT training, try out this simple HIIT workout video to get you started:


HIIT Workouts - The BASICS
Article Name
HIIT Workouts - The BASICS
HIIT workouts are very popular right now. Mainly due to the fact that many people quite like the idea of not having to spend lots of time working out.

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