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How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing When I Run? 5 Of The Best Sports Bras Out Today

A good quality sports bra will provide awesome protection and comfort especially if you suffer from the discomfort of boobs bouncing when you run, here are the five best sports bras that are available today chosen by the ladies of

1-Nike-Pro-Swish-Sports-Bra BEST OVERALL SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Nike Pro Swish Sports Bra

If you’re looking for comfort and versatility in a medium-impact sports bra, this model was rated the best for comfort, and it performs well in any kind of workout.

The compressive fit provides plenty of support, and the racerback makes sure you won’t get short-changed when it comes to your range of motion. The lab test results for durability and moisture were beyond superb, and the reviews on Amazon reflected this level of excellence across the board.


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2-Fittin-Sports-Bras-Pack-of-4 BEST VALUE SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Fittin Sports Bras Pack of 4

Cost can be an important factor in choosing the right sports bra, but if price is at or near the top of your list, you may want to turn to this one for help. The four-pack of their XYZ sports bra offers medium support and a racerback, but it also includes removable pads. The price you’ll pay on once you buy it is that you’ll have to hand wash it, which won’t eliminate sweat as well as the wash cycle on your machine. Despite this drawback, the product still got good feedback from women whose sizes range from A-DD cup.


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3-Lululemon-Flow-Y-Bra BEST LOW-IMPACT SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Lululemon Flow Y Bra

If you’re doing low-impact exercise where you don’t need much support (e.g., yoga), this particular sports bra offers smooth fabric that stretches, along with thin straps and a Y-back, which is even more minimal than a racerback. That means comfortable movement with no wires, hence less restrictions, and it includes removable cups for extra shaping. Its designed for B or C cups, but that didn’t stop a full range of reviewers from liking it, although some did recommend moving up a size to get the necessary level of comfort.


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4-Freya-Active-Underwire-Molded-Sports-Bra BEST SPORTS BRA FOR BIG BOOBS best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Freya Active Underwire Molded Sports Bra

Large busts and hard workouts don’t always mix, but this bra tackles the problem head on with thick, adjustable straps for support, an underwire and molded cups for encapsulation, and breathable fabric that wicks moisture for comfort. It also features a hook in the straps that lets you convert it to a racerback. The combination made this a favorite among testers, especially those with cup sizes D through H, who especially like the separation from the bra offered and the fact that it was so easy to put on.


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5-Panache-Wired-Sports-Bra BEST HIGH-IMPACT SPORTS BRA FOR BIG BOOBS best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Panache Wired Sports Bra

This product was also rated especially well by testers with larger busts, but it comes in a wide range of sizes, too. In addition to solid separation, the bra provides excellent compression, and the fact that it was breathable made it perfect for vigorous, high-impact, sweaty workouts. One G-cup tester commented that it had “great support and separation!” adding that she never thought she’d find a bra that would fit her. Other large bust testers offered similar comments, citing fit, support and adjustability, and it can also be converted to racerback for those who prefer that style.


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Calvin Klein Performance Reversible Sports Bra

Many smaller bras aren’t designed to provide the kind of support their larger cousins so, but this particular racerback still offers medium support, with a smooth, seamless fabric. The combination was lauded by several testers, especially B-cup testers who offered comments like “it gave me the support that I need without feeling tight,” and “it didn’t feel like was was even wearing anything when [I was] working out, [it was] like second skin.” The added bonus is reversibility, which means you get two different looks for the price of one.

Calvin Klein

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7-Fruit-of-the-Loom-Built-Up-Sports-Bra-3-Pack BEST COTTON SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Fruit of the Loom Built-Up Sports Bra 3 Pack

Most sports bras these days feature synthetic fibers that wick sweat during workouts, but if you prefer the natural feel of cotton this is the bra for you. It has spandex for stretch, and while its not exactly ideal for hard, intense workouts, some testers found it so soft and comfortable they indicated they’d even be willing to use it for casual wear at home. Its designed for full-figured ladies with band sizes up to 50, and the fact that it’s sold in sets of three lowers the cost to make it a genuine bargain.

Fruit of the Loom

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8-Under-Armour-Eclipse-Sports-Bra BEST ZIPPERED SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Under Armour Eclipse Sports Bra

Zippered sports bras tend to inspire mixed reactions—they’re easier to put on and remove, but the style isn’t for everyone. This product is designed for high-impact workouts and provides support with compression and padded cups (no wires), along with a crisscross back that makes movement easier and more comfortable. The thick, adjustable straps make it easier to get a good fit, and the fabric is soft and breathable with good solid moisture wicking, so its appropriate for hard workouts as well.

Under Armour

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9-Brooks-Fiona-Bra BEST ADJUSTABLE SPORTS BRA best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Brooks Fiona Bra

This bra line from Brooks used to be called Moving Comfort, so its not surprising that the Velcro straps make it easy to get a perfect fit. The product scored points for overall comfort, durability and ease of use during testing, and it also includes a hook-eye closure in the back that keeps the straps solidly secure on your shoulders. The Fiona bras for cup sizes ranging from B-DD, but there’s also a sister style called the Maia that offers even more support for those whose sizes range from C-E.


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10-Knix-Catalyst-Sports-Bra BEST SPORTS BRA FOR EXTRA SUPPORT best sports bras stop boobs bouncing when I run

Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

This high-impact bra is ideal if you’re looking to minimize bounce, even if you’re a runner, have a large bust, etc. The price you pay for this feature is cost—it is pricey, and you’ll need to be okay with the fact that it provides extra coverage. The feature set justifies the price, though; it includes molded cups that separate and encapsulate, seamless, breathable fabric to prevent chafing, and thick, adjustable straps. Its designed for sizes 32A through 42G, but its important to check the sizing chart since its a little different than most bra lines.


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How do I know if it fits me right?


Try it on…

Take a Deep Breath – Put the bra on and take a deep breath. Is the bra comfortable?

Riding Up – Does it ride up at the back? If it does, this means the bra straps need adjustment

Cup Coverage – Are your breasts fully covered? Your boobs shouldn’t be pouring out of the top


When you are looking for a sports bra, it’s very important that you try it on before buying. Jog in place. See if the bra holds your puppies in place or lets your breasts bounce like they are free. A lot of women wear a normal bra underneath the sports bra which does a pretty solid job. If that still doesn’t work you can go as far as wearing a compression and encapsulation sports bra at the same time to help with the bounce. This works because your breasts are so compacted that they have no chance to move. Only try this as a last resort.




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