11 December, 2019

How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing When I Run? 5 Of The Best Sports Bras Out Today

A good quality sports bra will provide awesome protection and comfort especially if you suffer from the discomfort of boobs bouncing when you run, here are the five best sports bras that are available today chosen by the ladies of ListedFit.com

How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing When I Run?

Top 5 Sports Bras




1. Adidas CMMTTD Chill Bra:

Adidas CMMTTD-Chill-Bra-best-sports-bras-how-to-stop-boob-bounce-How-Do-I-Stop-My-Boobs-Bouncing-When-I-Run How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing

I myself don’t know either what the person that named this bra was thinking either, but Adidas has created a very versatile sports bra that is suitable for all sorts of exercise or and vigorous gym activities that the woman of today chooses to take on. The bra provides a secure fit that the needed support to stop boobs from bouncing. The padded cups and elastic fabric sucks and lifts your chest while the additional clip that fastens at the back provides extra support. You do not need to worry about arm restriction movements due to the adjustable straps and racer-back features. This bra comes in black, blue and navy blue which means you get to pick the one that suits you best. You can also find your correct size as sizes range from A-D cup.


$42, Adidas

2. Sweaty Betty Stamina Sports Bra:

Sweaty-Betty-Stamina-Sports-Bra-how-to-stop-boob-bounce-How-Do-I-Stop-My-Boobs-Bouncing-When-I-Run How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing

The Sweaty Betty sports bra is preferred by many and provides medium support. Here are some of the reasons why it should soon become a staple piece in your gym wardrobe. The material is super soft and totally breathable which means that it easily wicks away sweat giving your skin the chance to breathe. The racer back design means that you can wear this sports bra under any type of top or vest of your choice without having exposure. It comes in a wide array of colors and sizes from small to large. We recommend this type of bra for lower level intensity workouts such as light cardio, yoga, walking and pilates. Luckily, if you are an A cup, you just might get away with wearing it for high-intensity workouts. It also might just become a part of your everyday wardrobe for that added support.

$40, Sweaty Betty

3. Lululemon All Sports Bra III:

Lululemon All Sports Bra lll How-Do-I-Stop-My-Boobs-Bouncing-When-I-Run How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing

Do not be daunted by the price because this bra is definitely worth it. It is very soft and breathable. The bra has a stylish design and if you live near the gym and find it hard to part with that much cash then you can consider the black version of this bra for just£45. It is a compression bra which means it flattens your chest to eliminate bounce and add support. It is best suited for light to moderate workouts, especially if you have a large bust as it still gives a small amount of chest movement. For the smaller cup sizes, there is a reflective print design that is visible at night time, should you decide to wear it on a night time run.

$58, Lululemon

4. New Balance Tenderly Obsessive Bra:

New-Balance-Tenderly-Obsessive-Bra How-Do-I-Stop-My-Boobs-Bouncing-When-I-Run How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing

This bra comes in at a reasonable price from the running specialists which means that you can treat yourself to quality and style without breaking the bank. The fabric is considered to be sweat-wicking material that allows your skin to breathe while you exercise. If you are an A or B cup you can definitely wear this sports bra during high impact workout sessions. For other cup sizes, this bra is best suited for light workout such as yoga, pilates etc. The internal cup padding adds a bit of shape despite the bra being of a tube-style compression design. The bra itself is very comfortable and has a bright print design that will look great underneath your clothes. The racer-back design also provides full arm movement. All things considered, this would be a great bra if you are a newbie to the fitness world.

$42, New Balance

5. Gymshark Seamless Sports Bra:

gymshark Seamless Sports Bra How-Do-I-Stop-My-Boobs-Bouncing-When-I-Run How Do I Stop My Boobs Bouncing

This is another great compression bra from the fitness brand Gymshark. It is the best bra with no in-built cups when it comes on to running. It stands up well if you want it for short runs but not so great for continuous long distance runs, especially if you have a large bust. One thing to note is that it is the most comfortable compression style bra to wear when tested, thanks to the seamless knit feature which reduces skin irritation. This sports bra is a great option for at home workouts or daily gym sessions with a great price to match and four different colors that you can choose from.

$34, Gymshark

How do I know if it fits me right?


Try it on…

Take a Deep Breath – Put the bra on and take a deep breath. Is the bra comfortable?

Riding Up – Does it ride up at the back? If it does, this means the bra straps need adjustment

Cup Coverage – Are your breasts fully covered? Your boobs shouldn’t be pouring out of the top


When you are looking for a sports bra, it’s very important that you try it on before buying. Jog in place. See if the bra holds your puppies in place or lets your breasts bounce like they are free. A lot of women wear a normal bra underneath the sports bra which does a pretty solid job. If that still doesn’t work you can go as far as wearing a compression and encapsulation sports bra at the same time to help with the bounce. This works because your breasts are so compacted that they have no chance to move. Only try this as a last resort.



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