Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery

How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery

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Get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery

Many women out there desire a firm, shapely and sexy butt and what better examples can we think of other than the Brazilian butt? You may have noticed that they have amazing backsides and you may be amazed that you can get a Brazilian butt lift without surgery with the right training and nutritional planning. To find out how read on.

Lift weights

If you have been going all cardio in an attempt to lose weight or firm your butt then it is time to re-plan! The first and most important strategy most fitness trainers stand by when it comes to reshaping your rear is by performing the right weightlifting exercises. Most women feel that lifting lightweights for numerous reps is best for a lean and defined body; however, this myth has been busted long ago.

Trainers suggest lifting heavy weights in the right form as this will ensure that you lose your tummy, keep your backside, and make it firmer at the same time. When you push your body far beyond its comport zone by lifting heavy for as long as possible, you will see results much sooner.

The following are some effective ways of getting a sexy Brazilian behind through weightlifting:

  1. Full squats

How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery Legs-man-Squats

When it comes to exercises to lift and firm the butt, squats, especially full squats beat the rest by a mile! Most women do not benefit fully from the exercise because they only go halfway down and do not completely recruit their glutes.

Unless you experience a lot of knee pain, try your best to push yourself lower.

Perform the exercise without weights for the first few reps until you get a feel of the workout and then start loading. It is natural to feel sore the next day but the outcome is totally worth it.

  1. Split squats

How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery Legs-Female-split-squats

This is another effective exercise for the Brazilian butt lift, it works best at shaping and firming your butt. Split squats place a lot of load on one leg near your bum thus providing quick results in your strength.

You can perform this exercise with a barbell across your back or with a pair of dumbbells. This will also work your abs and improve balance. Make sure you try your best to go down as much as you can in lunging position.

  1. Step ups

How to get a Brazilian Butt Lift Without Surgery Legs-Step-ups

Last but not the least in our how to get a Brazilian butt lift exercise list is, step-ups. Step-ups are a great exercise to tone and firm your behind. This Brazilian butt exercise will target your lower body including your quads, glutes and hamstrings, not to mention torch major calories at the same time.

Remember, the higher the step, the more you will target your glutes.

You do not have to perform each of these exercises in all your workouts as this may lead to overtraining. Mix it up and listen to your body for best results.


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