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How to get Lower Back Dimples – No Gym Needed!

lower back dimples

Lower back dimples also known as the Dimples of Venus are indentations that are present within the lower back area just above the buttocks.

Many want to develop back dimples mainly due to aesthetic reasons. But these dimples are a great thing to aim for because they mean that you are cutting body fat.

lower back dimples

Developing Lower Back Dimples – The Key Points

  • Develop the core. Focusing on lower back exercises that strengthen the core will help the lower back dimples become more noticeable.
  • Eating a healthy diet will give you much faster results. Lower back dimples are a lot easier to see with low body fat. Be sure to use a workout routine regularly to develop the dimples in the lower back. There are a variety of different exercises that you can use – Check out our YouTube workouts for inspiration.

lower back dimples

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Top 4 Exercises for Lower Back Dimples – No Gym NecessaryThere are a 

Note: You will need a resistance band to do some of these exercises. They don’t cost a lot of money at all. Click here to get yours.(opens in new tab)


1. Resistance Band Squats – Lower Back Dimples Move No1

Normal back squats in a gym require you to set the weights on your shoulders and then squat down to the ground and back up. But these can much easier be achieved with a resistance band. The lower back dimples are formed as you work through the reps. The squatting position is what develops the dimples.

Follow this simple video below, and don’t forget your resistance band.

HIIT Workouts - The Basics With Video


2. Opposite Arm and Leg Raises/Bird Dog

Get down on all fours. As you extend your left arm you raise you right leg and vice versa.

When you perform a rep you focus your movement into your lower back area which will help to develop the lower back dimples. The ‘Superman’ is an exercise that is performed by lying flat down on the floor with their arm extended in front of you. You should place your legs together while lying flat on your stomach and raise them into the air while extending your arms outward. You should hold this position for about 30 seconds before bringing them back to the ground.

This routine should be performed at least 3 times during every routine.


3. Dead Lifts

Deadlifting is a classic weight training move that is used to develop overall body strength. This is a great move to develop lower back dimples.

Deadlifts require you to squat down and this movement will help to shape up the lower back area. This exercise has the added bonus of working your quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes.

You can use light weights for this one but try to gradually add weights as you improve.


4. Hip Bridges/Pelvic Tilt

Last but by no means least, the hip bridge requires you to lay on your back with your legs bent. You should put your hands at your sides and then slowly lift your pelvis up into the air while having your arms stabilize you. Once the hips are raised in the air, you should hold them there for about 5 seconds. If you can stick to this consistently you will be able to develop back dimples within a fairly short amount of time.

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There you have it! Try these out and let us know how you get on, remember to stay at it and don’t give up after one try, Rome wasn’t built in a day and changing your body takes time and commitment.

Danny Loeb

How to get Lower Back Dimples - Top 4 Moves - ListedFit.com
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How to get Lower Back Dimples - Top 4 Moves - ListedFit.com
Lower back dimples appear just above the buttocks. Lower back dimples look attractive to many. Can they be achieved through exercise or are they genetic?

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