How to Improve Sperm Count

Sperm count

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Sperm count

Any man who wishes to have a child must have a healthy sperm count. In this article we explore ways in which men can have healthy sex and look after their sperm.


How To Improve Sperm Count


If the word fertility crops up during conversation we tend to associate this with women but it takes two to make a baby and any couple who are trying for a child are reliant on the male having a healthy sperm count. All men need to take care of their sexual health and their sperm count, they may have no intentions of trying for a baby for a good few years but if the sperm is kept in great condition then there shouldn’t be any problems in the future. How can men look after their sperm?


Cut Out Smoking

We all know that smoking poses a great risk to our health but it can wreak havoc with sperm counts levels too. Healthy sperm hates smoke and smoking makes the sperm sluggish and small, hence this could cause problems for men who are trying to have a child. Recreational drugs and alcohol will also have a negative effect on sperm.

Maintaining a Sensible Weight

Body weight is influenced by the testosterone and oestrogen levels and the sperm count can be damaged by an imbalance. Whenever anyone mentions that they have issues with their weight or general fitness it is automatically assumed that they are obese but those who are underweight may produce poor sperm too.


The Importance of Eating a Healthy Diet

Everyone’s general state of health and fitness is affected by their diet. Men who are anaemic or undernourished may well have a low sperm count. Drink plenty of water to keep the body well hydrated and cut out the junk food.

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Take Time to Relax

Hormone levels can be affected by high levels of stress and this can lead to a low sperm count. Find ways of coping with stress and learn how to breathe properly when in a stressful situation. Try Tai Chi or Yoga, both of these are calming exercises.


Keep the Sperm Cool

It is no good sitting with a warm laptop on your lap for hours on end because it may cause lasting damage to the sperm. The scrotum was situated outside of the body to enable it to remain cool.


Steer Clear of Chemicals

Men who come into contact with lead, paint or pesticide could have a lower sperm count. Healthy sperm does not like radiation and it can affect fertility so avoid radioactivity if at all possible.


It pays to take care of healthy sperm, look after your general health, stop smoking, reduce stress levels and stay in shape.


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