Top 4 Tips – How to Stop Inner Thigh Chafing When Running


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Whether you’re somebody who just has large thighs, a runner, or somebody who does weight training there is a strong chance you have suffered inner thigh chafing.

The discomfort can be very hard to deal with.

How to Stop Inner Thigh Chafing

Top 4 Tips

1 Gels and Creams

This is the most common method used by sufferers of inner thigh chafing especially when running.

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) can do the trick and is very widely available, but if you want to go a step up, there are some specialized products available out there such as Lanacane Anti Friction which works very well, also Hike-goo, Run-goo, BodyGlide, and Red11.

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Personal drawbacks?

Lanacane works well but it is pricier than Vaseline, also, products like the Run Goo and BodyGlide aren’t that easy to access for me unless I order them online and the Red 11 I found to be very gooey and runny. So I continue to use Lanacane when necessary.

2 Wear Compression shorts

I have a few pairs of these which do help when I’m working out and wanting to keep things in place. 

Compression shorts are a snugger fit, but more importantly, they don’t have seams in awkward positions in between the legs that would make the chafing problem even worse. 

Some compression shorts even go as far as to add extra padding to the inner thigh areas to help with thigh rubbing.

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Personal drawbacks?

Pairs that I’ve had in the past have actually worn down after regular use and a good quality pair of compression shorts can be costly if you have to keep replacing them after a few months of use.

Ensure you get a good pair and keep an eye on the material wearing down.

It’s important you don’t use harsh detergents when washing them as this can wear the materials of the shorts down even more.

how to stop inner thigh chafing when running

3 Powders

If you don’t like creams, some powders really work well. 

Plain old baby powder or corn starch is a common and easily accessible solution for those wondering how to stop inner thigh chafing. 

For a more specialized solution, there are things such as ‘Anti Monkey Butt Powder’ which has a male and female variant, ‘Silky Underwear’ by lush and Cornstarch.

Personal drawbacks*

Baby powder and cornstarch have worked great for me in the past, but they can be quite messy especially if you’re wearing black and you get powder marks on your clothes.

4 Taking care of yourself Post-Run

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t use any of these solutions for inner thigh chafing. 

If your thighs have already chafed then there is something you can do. 

Clean the area as soon as possible, pat the area dry don’t rub the area. 

Now moisturize the skin by applying some coconut oil or shea butter to the area. 

If the skin is raw and very irritated then forget moisturizing and after patting the area dry apply some nappy rash cream that contains zinc oxide, Sudocream works well. 

Zinc is a well-known antibacterial that will soothe the area and speed up healing. 

Once the area is healed sufficiently then you can think about moisturizing the area.

Hopefully, these tips will help you answer the question of how to stop inner thigh chafing when you’re running or working out.

Top 4 Tips – How to Stop Inner Thigh Chafing When Running

2 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips – How to Stop Inner Thigh Chafing When Running

  1. After a rough workout session, most times I get inner thigh chafing and it can really be irritating. For me, a good moisturizing and compression tights is enough to calm my burning thighs.

  2. My trusted Vaseline and sometimes baby powder is all I need to soothe my chafed inner thighs. They help me relax well and after a little rest, I forget about the pain.

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