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You’re Foam Rolling All Wrong! Hyperice VYPER 2.0 Review

Hyperice VYPER 2.0 Review

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VYPER 2.0 REVIEW, (Video Transcription)

Welcome to another review, today I’m reviewing something very different. It’s basically a vibrating foam roller, and it’s made by Hyperice, a company synonymous with muscle recovery gadgets and implements. It’s called the Vyper 2.0, and according to the Hyperice website it’s the next generation of the world’s most powerful vibrating fitness roller, So of course, I have to try it out!

The 2.0 suggests that this is the second iteration of this model, the first model which was released in 2015, had grooves all over and some didn’t like that, so they’ve listened to users by going back to the drawing board and coming out with this, the Vyper 2.0 which has both grooved sections and smooth sections.

Why does the Vyper 2.0 product even exist?

Foam rolling was once something done only by athletes. It falls under the umbrella of self-myofascial release. Without getting super technical about it, just think of foam rolling as a form of self-massage, releasing muscle tightness, tension, and improving flexibility and circulation in whatever body part you’re using it on.

hyperice vyper 2.0 review

Used post workout, studies have shown self-myofascial release in the form of foam rolling can improve recovery quite dramatically.

  • 3 levels of intensity – no complicated menu system
  • Feels kinda hard It only comes in one density this specific model might be too hard for some – it only comes in one
  • the price is kinda high, but the effect is really noticeable – talk about how thorough this feels compared to having no vibrations. The strong vibrations definitely add more to the process of foam rolling. is it a gimmick?
  • Is it something you could put in your Gym Bag practically?
  • I feel worked! I feel like I’ve just had a really intense massage.\

hyperice vyper 2.0 review


The Vyper 2.0 is a lot more powerful than I thought it would be. The vibrations are very strong I can not even hold it one-handed when it’s switched on, so it must have a really powerful motor in there.

I initially thought it would be a bit of a gimmick if I’m totally honest because I foam roll all the time with a normal foam roller and I find it does the job just fine. But after foam rolling with this, you do get a more intense feeling with it and you have to do less of the hard work especially in areas that I personally find harder to roll such as the hip flexors.

For me personally, It’s a bit on the heavy side and I’m not sure if it’s an essential addition to my gym bag, but as something I can keep at home and use for recovery, it’s definitely worth having.

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