Hypersphere vs Vyper 2.0 Which One Should You Go For? – VIDEO

hyperice-hypersphere-vs-vyper-2.0-hyperice-review-hypersphere-review-33 Hypersphere vs Vyper

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Hyperice Hypersphere vs Vyper 2.0 – Which One Should You Go For? – VIDEO

The Hyperice Hypersphere and the Vyper 2.0 are two innovative products. They both do similar jobs and both have similar price tags, but the question is, which one is better for you?

In this video review, I talk about some of the obvious and the not so obvious differences between the Hypersphere vs Vyper 2.0. 

Good points AND bad points.

Muscle recovery and rehabilitation is an area that’s getting a lot of focus now, both of these devices are designed to help you recover from workouts but they can also be used if you have long-standing muscle tightness issues. I in the past have used a lacrosse ball and a foam roller regularly to help relieve some of the tightness and soreness in certain muscle areas, so this review was very interesting to me.

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You may have seen, I recently reviewed the Vyper 2.0 vibrating foam roller.
Now, I have something different. It’s the Hypersphere, which is a smaller, spherical version of the Vyper 2.0.
The purpose of this Hypersphere vs Vyper 2.0 article is I want to figure out what makes the Hypersphere different from the Vyper 2.0 and whether it is actually one of those fitness gadgets that are actually worth buying.

Hypersphere Vs Vyper 2.0 – What’s in the Box?

In the box, you get the charging plug, the manual, and the Hypersphere itself; everything you pretty much need.

And you get the lights to show you that it’s charged up; that’s number one.
The thing with making a video about this vs an article is that you can’t actually feel how strong the vibrations are.

I currently use a lacrosse ball to self-myofascial release certain areas after a workout.
The lacrosse ball is great for rolling into those smaller areas that need loosening up for me, like the groin, the hip flexors and the shoulder blades.
After that, I usually use the foam roller to finish the job. That’s my current routine.

After introducing the Hypersphere into my routine I was definitely surprised at how powerful it was.

It felt as though I had done twice as much the amount of work that I normally do on a lacross ball within two minutes. The vibration definitely makes a huge difference.

hyperice Hypershere vs vyper 2.0 2

I don’t think the Hypersphere is as good as getting into the smaller areas as my trusty lacrosse ball is. It’s definitely in my view, better at targeting the larger muscle groups like the quads and hamstrings.

It’s too big and it’s a bit more tricky to control. It’s quite uncomfortable also when I put my full body weight onto it, because it is quite hard.

It’s basically a hard plastic ball surrounded by a slightly less hard plastic sort-of wrapped around that. It’s not very forgiving when it comes to putting your full weight on it.

hyperice Hypershere vs vyper 2.0
“a hard plastic ball surrounded by a slightly less hard plastic”

The foam roller, however, it’s not the softest foam roller that you can get, but I could actually put your full body weight on it without feeling pain.

If it softer had rubber all over it, then it would be a lot more comfortable to use, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still very effective on the larger muscle groups.

Using this for five minutes at a medium setting, whatever body part I used it on, it did give me quite an intense massage.

And that’s pretty much what it’s supposed to do.

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Hypersphere vs Vyper 2.0 – And The Winner Is…

They both actually do work really well. It comes down to you really. The Hypersphere is obviously a lot smaller, more portable, and it fits into a gym bag a lot easier.
But the hardness of the Hypersphere compared to the Vyper 2.0, is really noticeable.
The saving grace of the Hypersphere is that you can use it one-handed and you can use it all over the body without necessarily having to be on the floor.
The Vyper 2.0 is obviously a lot larger and a bit heavier, but it is softer. And if you’re accustomed to using a foam roller, you don’t need to make much of an adjustment to your routine.

For me, the Hypersphere does need a bit of work. If they covered it in a thin foamy material, then it would be a lot more comfortable to use.

Having used both, I very much prefer the Vyper 2.0. If they made the Hypersphere the same size and texture as a lacrosse ball, and made it vibrate in the same way, I think the Hypersphere would win hands down.

But both are well-made products and they will last you a really long time if you treat them well, of course.

Have you tried this out for yourself or are you thinking of getting it yourself?
Let me know what you think in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you.


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