Current Date:September 16, 2020

Is Dirty Bulking a Good or a Bad Idea?

Dirty bulking is one of the most controversial topics in bodybuilding.

The basic premise of dirty bulking is true; consume more calories. But the techniques of dirty bulking for many is considered a reckless way of gaining weight and could actually be detrimental to your overall health in the longer term.

Doing a dirty bulk consists of consuming a high amount of calories in order to gain weight. Those calories can come from anything and usually the idea is to consume cheap junk food to reach the daily calorific goal.

Is Dirty Bulking a Good Idea or Bad Idea?

If you research the internet you will find several mixed opinions on the topic of dirty bulking.

Lets face it, the idea of eating whatever you want, when you want and in large amounts sounds pretty awesome. And if done it will indeed make your numbers go up on the scale.

However, the methods in which you can achieve weight gain are not all created equal. Dirty bulking is just as the name implies, dirty, meaning, dirty for your body, dirty for your health and overall, dirty for your energy levels.

Now, The Hard Core Evidence

Junk food is called junk food for a reason.

Pizza, beer, and nachos have lots of calories, but the make-up of those calories are not great. Loaded with sugar, not to mention saturated fats and trans fats.

So, whats the big deal? Carbs in high amounts can take your body on a roller coaster ride. If consumed in large quantities, your body can become resistant to insulin in the long term which is extremely dangerous.

Eating foods low in nutrients and vitamins will also rob you of energy, so much so, that you can feel tired, lethargic and sluggish throughout the day.

Junk food is also devoid of vitamins and minerals as well essential fatty acids and while you probably are not going to run the risk of becoming malnourished, you are definitely not creating an optimal nutritional environment in order to see positive changes in your body.

Why Not Build Muscle Mass The Best Way?

If you’ve committed yourself to weight training. You go to the gym regularly and do the right exercises in the correct form, you will know there are no shortcut to changing your body, and in the same way, there should be no shortcuts in building the optimal diet to help you achieve your goals.

Eat clean and eat a lot. This kind of weight gain requires planning ahead and making meals to grab at least five times a day.

There are healthier and nutritious ways of getting high calorie foods in between meals.

Apart from protein shakes, you could try things like taking ‘olive oil shots’, spoons of peanut butter, eating avocados which can all be done several times a day to increase your calorie intake.

What’s especially good is that these food wont zap your energy levels like sugar rich junk food would.

Remember, you are what you eat and you get out what you put in.

Your body is an amazing machine and requires fine tuning, and maintenance, make sure you take a more considered approach to what you put in your body.


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