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Can You Handle Katerina’s Advanced Ab Workout?

katerina popkova Advanced Ab Workout

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Katerina’s Advanced Ab Workout

Can you keep up with Katerina?

Here Katerina takes you through her more advanced ab workout, this workout will be tough and will give you results.

Ab workouts can get repetitive and can get boring after a while so it is important that you ad some variety in there. Shock your body every now and again, activate areas of your abs that haven’t been reached with your previous workouts.

Katerina’s Advanced Ab Workout

A strong mid section doesn’t just look good but does wonders for your overall health. Having a strong mid section isn’t just good for the beach in summertime, a strong mid section can enhance your form dramatically when doing other exercises such as squats and deadlifts and a strong core can also improve your calisthenic abilities. 

This video comes in at 7 minutes in length, but give yourself 10 minutes minimum to complete – remember you can always pause and have a breather if you need it. Make sure you have enough space to move and pay close attention to your form. Technique is as always more important than the amount of reps you do.

So stop doing that routine you’ve been doing for years of crunches and simple planks and try this one out for size!

(Do bear in mind that this is the next level up from the beginner video as explained above, it is not a bad idea to try the beginner level video first a few times before embarking on this one.)

We are always interested to know your thoughts so please don’t forget to let us know how you got on with this workout in the comments below or in the YouTube comments section. If you like it we’ll make more for you!

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