Would You Take a Magic Workout Pill?

Have you ever finished a workout physically exhausted and in that moment of catching your breath

you have this thought “I wish there was a magic workout pill you could pop that would make you fit and healthy”?

Scientists have now created a diet pill that ‘tricks’ the body into thinking you’ve been working out.

magic workout-pill-guy

But hold your horses, the pill has actually been developed for obese people who suffer from conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It basically works by keeping the genes – which allow for increased fat burning during exercise – switched on all the time. Pretty clever.

Associate Professor McGee who helped develop this drug has stated:

“This drug is not a weight-loss panacea. It doesn’t do much for vanity.”

This story reminds me of the recent rise in nootropics or ‘brain boosting supplements’ and the movie Limitless where the guy popped a pill that cranked his brain up to 11.

In today’s world we are forever looking for ways to cut corners and save time – the science fiction fantasy of popping a pill to get fit and ripped may be a little step closer, but for me the feeling of a good workout and breaking a sweat will always be a good one.

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Danny Loeb

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