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Meeting Women at the Gym – 7 Top Tips For Success

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Meeting Women at the Gym – 7 Top Tips For Success

Meeting women at the gym isn’t straightforward, a common question among guys at the gym. “How do I get talking to that girl over there?” Should you or should you not make a move on that girl over there stretching. That girl using the machine next to you – could she be into you or is she just using this particular machine because it’s convenient?

Meeting women at the gym can be tricky. In my bachelor days. I was never sure how to do it, I had female friends that would complain of guys hitting on them at the gym and coming across all sleazy, but then, some who would complain of guys not hitting on them at the gym despite their best efforts to be noticed.

Reading the signs can be difficult in the gym environment so I’ve written a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you out.

This article will help you to:

* Be a lot more confident and clued up on how to read the signs before you make your move.

* Read the subtle clues that people give off when they are receptive to conversation.

* Not come across like a total jackass in the process.


1. Her training beside you does not necessarily mean she’s into you.

If she has decided to train next to you on one occasion this is NOT a clear sign that she is into you. The gym may be packed full of people and that is the only space she can work out in.

Take it as a compliment though that she doesn’t think you stink of sweat or that you look like a weirdo. People never workout beside weirdos.

She may like you, but this isn’t enough to go on…

…If she trains next to you on several occasions, even when the gym is not packed then you have clear path to shoot a smile over and say hi.


2.”She’s wearing skimpy clothes, she clearly wants to be hit on, right?”

meeting women at the gym

Skimpy or not skimpy, that is the question.

Wrong. As opposed to what, the girl in the corner working out in a cardigan and baggy jeans?

The skimpy clothes rationale won’t stand up. A lot of gym clothes could be labelled as skimpy. It’s just that you really like this girl so you think that it’s a sign, it really isn’t.

This can be connected to guys who think in ‘The Porno Mindset’ explained below.


3. Get out of ‘The Porno Mindset’.

Porn isn’t real. The scenarios, conversations, facial expressions and chat up lines that work well in porn movies are not real either. Get it out of your head. Things like “Hey baby, looking hot today” wreak of cheese and most ladies won’t respond positively to this. Not only when meeting women at the gym but generally, you have to think of her as a person and not an object. A simple smile and a ‘hello. how’s it going?’ can open up a much more natural flowing conversation than something a lot less sincere sounding.

Extra tip – Don’t linger around the female changing room expecting to be invited in. This can result in the police being called – and you going to jail.


meeting women at the gym 54.DON’T comment on her body/Use corny chat up lines.

Generally as a rule this one is a good pointer, but can quite difficult to not do in a gym environment, I mean gyms are where we go to focus on our bodies so why can’t I comment on hers? 

Even though her stunning body is the reason you are initially into her, don’t mention it – She probably knows it already and doesn’t need to feel conscious about it. Even if you are complimenting her on her super flat abs. Just don’t. It’s not a good place to start.

Comment on her body and you risk making her feel self conscious, and in my experience people don’t like to feel as though they are being ogled and judged by others at in the gym (even if they do have amazing looking bodies and the comment is positive). Keep it to yourself… For now.


5. DON’T stalk her.

Don’t follow her around the gym like a dog, doesn’t really need an explanation. Very creepy.


6.DO look for eye contact, say hi.

This will tell you if she is receptive to you or not. Look at her 3 times maybe 2 mins apart –  DON’T stare, be subtle, if she doesn’t look back at you and you both haven’t made any sort of eye contact/smile/hello then get ready to move on.


7. DO know when to quit.

If you get the hunch that she is not into you and she has done at least one of the following:

  • Hasn’t smiled back at you.
  • Has moved away from you.
  • Has said “leave me alone” or “I have a boyfriend”
  • Has pepper sprayed you in the face.

You either came on too strong or she just isn’t into you. No big deal, move on. The main thing is to not be a dick about it. You don’t want to make future gym visits awkward.

Next time just change your approach, learn from whatever you feel went wrong. It isn’t the end of the world.

8 ** Bonus Tip ** – Bring a sweat towel.

Does’t bode well trying to start up a conversation with your face drenched in sweat. Not a good look.


These tips should be enough to get you past the 1st hurdle of meeting women at the gym. The rest is really down to you being the good natured guy that you are.

Danny Loeb

Got any extra tips? Comment below and let us know!


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