Spot Toning – Can You Burn Fat In Specific Areas?

spot toning

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spot toningSpot toning is a myth that was created commercially in order to cash in.

Remember the Thighmaster…?



Spot Toning – Can You Burn Fat In Specific Areas? 

The Truth

In reality if you do 1000 abdominal exercises a day it won’t help you to get a flatter tummy. But the muscles that sit under the layer of tummy fat will become stronger.

Certain exercises help certain muscles but if you want to lose weight in those areas then you will need to lose weight overall. If you fail to lose any weight then you will have a layer of very strong muscle that is covered with a thick layer of fat, hence the muscle tone will not be visible.

We can exercise as much as we like but genetics tend to determine how our body fat is shared out and where it can be lost and gained. People who gain weight on their thighs and hips are called pear shaped whereas those who gather weight around their stomach are apple shaped. The majority of women are pear shaped and most men are apple shaped. People who want to lose excess body fat should look at their daily diet. Many of us battle the bulge and that is because our diet is where the real problem lies.


Watch Your Diet

Food that is processed is high in sugar and salt and these are not good for those who want to lose weight. If you want to lose weight and maintain that weight loss then you need to eat a diet that is low in salt and fat but high in fibre. If you follow a good diet and incorporate regular exercise then you are more likely to turn into a fat burning machine. Lower your calorie intake and burn more calories and you lose more weight.

spot toning lower Calorie Intake

Take note of your genetics and don’t try spot toning certain areas of the body. Take no notice of advertisements that state that they can help to tone a certain area of your body. Lose body weight and lower body fat to reduce those abs and thighs.

Every 1lb of body weight is the equivalent of 3500 calories. If you want to lose 1lb per week then you need to burn an extra 500 calories a day. Workout and exercise more and you will achieve total body fitness and your body will become a fat burning furnace!


Summing things up:

It is impossible to spot reduce but you can lower your overall body fat.

Calories do count! If you have energy deficit then that is the signal that tells your body to rid itself of fat cells. It is important to burn far more calories that you actually eat.

Be realistic when you cut your calories. Have a lower calorie intake but do not starve. If you starve yourself then you may achieve quick weight loss but the weight loss will not be sustainable in the long term. Avoid starvation mode by exercising to burn fat, never take part in crash diets.

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