Moov Now Review – The Best Fitness Tracker? VIDEO


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Moov Now Review – The Best Fitness Tracker?

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We decided to do a Moov Now review. There are a lot of these so-called ‘activity’ tracking bands on the market.

They flood you with all sorts of data; the number of steps you took during the day, your sleep pattern and even your heart rate.

It can be difficult at times to make sense of all this data, especially if you are just a beginner.

Also, I am not particularly fond of the fact that most of these trackers just track the steps I take.

I mean, what about the other activity that I do besides taking steps?

So, these so-called fitness trackers are just expensive pedometers, right?

Watch the Moov Now review – VIDEO

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Well, not all of them. The Moov Now is not your average ‘activity’ tracker.

It is in fact a ‘workout’ tracker and a personal coach packaged in a gorgeous and sleek wearable device.

The Moov Now which is actually an upgrade from last year’s Moov, is just like a personal trainer that tracks all your activity and does not rely solely on the number of steps taken.

The main reason why I decided to do a Moov Now review is because the concept of the Moov Now is based on providing you with several workout programs with real-time audio coaching through the mobile app (available for both iOS and Android).

It is great for beginners, who find it difficult to gather what workouts to do, and for people who are a little more advanced in their fitness training, it can be a great tool to improve efficiency and performance.

What is the Moov Now?

The Moov Now is a small pod encased in a very unique and gorgeous silicone band.

It can be worn on your wrist or your ankle and measures your movements. Depending on what workout you select in the app, the app will then instruct you whether to put the pod on your wrist or your ankle.

moov now review 3 fitness tracker

It also tracks the number of calories you’ve burnt during the day and also your active minutes and sleep minutes automatically without you having to tell it when you are going to bed, it just knows when you’re sleeping and awake.

Rather than relying on the traditional metrics such as steps taken or distance covered, the Moov Now tracks the time you spent moving.

The Moov uses its inbuilt accelerometer to track your movement, any movement.

For example, it can track the time you spent out of the chair at the office moving about.

The Moov Now Review:

Design and Features

º The second iteration of the popular Moov tracker is completely redesigned from the ground up.

The strap of the new Moov Now contains smaller holes cut out to make the strap and the whole unit more breathable, which is a significant improvement from the last generation.

The re-designed module slides neatly into the casing like a glove and makes the whole unit a lot lighter and easy to wear than the previous generation model.

moov now review 3 fitness tracker

º One more thing that I really liked was the fact that as the Moov Now does not track your heart rate, you don’t have strap it on your wrist too tightly either. This makes wearing the device much easier and comfortable.

º The Moov Now is completely waterproof making it possible to wear the unit while swimming as well.

º The main feature of the Moov Now is the guided workout sessions. The sessions are divided into activities such as running and walking, cycling, swimming, and gym routines.

The Android and iOS apps have numerous workouts in each activity category that you can try out.

I personally like the Run and Walk category as it has many different workouts that I can choose from, such as Running Efficiency, Brisk walk, Endurance run, and sprint run.

The homepage of each workout contains pertinent information about the goals to be achieved and other traits of the workout.

º To select a workout, just tap the top of the Moov now and it will instantly connect to the app via Bluetooth. Once the workout begins, a voice-guided system then takes you through various steps while you listen to your favorite tunes.

The voice assistant will lower the volume of the music when it has something to say.

You can also choose the degree of difficulty of the workout right from the app itself.

º After a brief introduction of the workout, the voice assistant will start the program and you pretty much follow the instructions on your phone.

I really liked the fact that I could get feedback after every rep and some really great tips which I could use to improve my workout.

º Once you finish your workout, the Moov Now shows you your stats for that particular exercise routine which is laid out in a very easily understandable format.

Don’t worry though, you will get the hang of using all the information to push yourself the next time and attain a better performance level.

moov now review 3 fitness tracker

The Moov Now Review:

The Good and the Bad

The Good

º The voice coach functionality is just awesome. If you are a beginner and don’t really know what to do, the voice coach can help you decide and  take you through each step of the workout.

It’s literally like a personal trainer by your side.

Also, the program tracks your performance each time so you can improve as time goes by.

I have been using this for my running and weight training workouts for a week and a half now and I must say it is great to see that you are actually improving slowly but steadily. It acts as a positive reinforcement for a good habit.

º It is waterproof and not water-resistant. I actually swam in pools and lakes and it had no problems what so ever.

º It’s powered by a button cell. So you don’t need to charge it.

One cell lasts roughly around six months so you don’t have to worry about battery life for a long time and even then button cells are really cheap.

The Bad

For the past week and a half of doing this Moov Now review, I have been very happy with the performance.

However, some things that bothered me were…

º The voice is a bit annoying – I wish the voice was a bit friendlier!

At times I laughed at how serious and emotionless the woman’s voice is and imagined if I had a personal trainer with a voice like that I would be freaked out a bit.

But this was by no way a dealbreaker for me, just a source of entertainment.

º Sometimes you have to be careful with the band.

I was taking my t-shirt off and the cell flung out of the rubber holding band and onto my lap.

So you have to remember not to be too rigorous when doing things like that.

One morning after sleeping with it on the band had obviously brushed against bedding as I slept and so the band had twisted.

I do feel a bit concerned as to how strong this band is and if it does break can a replacement band be obtained?

The Bottom Line

Given the great design and a very impressive concept, the Moov Now is a great buy at the price.

Rather than trying to cram in several features into one thing, Moov Now keeps it simple and easy. Furthermore, the total activity tracking just makes so much sense than the traditional metrics.

It has a great selection of things to do, and I will continue to use it.

It has a boxing workout routine built in that I had the most fun using too.

This technology I feel has the potential to completely eliminate the need for many people to use a personal trainer for a more routine based workout.

Is the Moov Now a good buy?

In a word, Yes! My experience with the device has been great.

I especially like the personalized coaching part a lot.

Whether you are a beginner requiring a bit of motivation and help or you are a pro who wants to improve your skills, the Moov Now is worth giving a go.

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Moov Now Review – The Best Fitness Tracker? VIDEO

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