do you need Protein Powder

Do You Need Protein Supplements?

do you need Protein Powder

Protein powders are some of the most popular options among the many types of dietary supplements that are widely available, and protein is essential for any healthy diet whether you are trying to gain strength, muscles or lose that fat.

Before rushing out to buy any protein supplements, it is important to understand how they work and also to verify that they can help you, although many people will attest to the fact that they can help to prevent muscle loss and improve muscle growth and strength.


Do You Need Protein Supplements?


protein powder dietaryProtein Powders and Fat Gain

If you eat too much protein, it can be stored in your body just like fat, although many people still don’t quite understand that protein can turn into fat, whether it is in the form of a liquid shake or solid food.

Research by Vanderbilt University points out that the chances of protein being turned into fat are high, if your body is not using dietary protein for repairing or growing muscles.

If you consume too much dietary protein, any of these excess calories will be stored in the body as fat, just like carbohydrates and dietary fat.


Protein and Muscle

Any excess protein that you consume will be stored as fat, once you have reached the requirements of your body for dietary protein, it is simply not true that you will gain extra muscle growth by eating extra protein. In addition, too much protein can actually lead to various medical issues and side effects, including stress on the kidneys and dehydration. Your body and kidneys will need more water to process the extra protein, and your kidneys will also have to work harder to process the extra protein. Too much protein can even lead to calcium being excreted when you urinate, and this can ultimately lead to weaker bones or osteoporosis.


Working Out and Protein Supplementsprotein powder

Solid food alone normally provides the recommended amount of protein for most people, and you probably do not really need protein supplements, despite their popularity and generally good press.

Leaving out the protein powder and focusing on a balanced diet is the key, according to Northwestern University. It is extremely unlikely that you actually have a protein deficiency, and you should keep in mind that just like all dietary supplements, protein supplements are intended to replace those nutrients that are missing.

If you don’t have a shortage of nutrients, you do not have to worry about replacing them, although your doctor or dietitian should be able to advise you whether you need to take extra protein.


protein powder muscleProtein Supplements and Muscle Building

Despite the claims made by many manufacturers, the University of Missouri among others, maintain that there is no proof that protein supplements actually build muscle. However, you can actually harm your weight loss goal and adversely affect your athletic performance if you take too much protein.

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