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Nike Air Monarchs Are So Hot Right Now and I Dunno What’s Going On!

I don’t understand it, dad sneakers are cool again

A simple search of the hashtag #airmonarch on Instagram will show you loads of people rocking the Nike Air Monarchs with pride, and that’s a good thing. What’s fascinating for me is how a shoe that was considered so lame before has now become dare I say cool.

I think for people of my generation, the Air Monarch is the sneaker of the usually American dad who’s at the airport or out sightseeing in London and he’s wearing shorts, a polo neck tee and a bum bag or fanny pack.

It makes me excited to think what other trends could come back with a vengeance, to show people of the previous generations that they were cool all along but you just didn’t notice it. Dr. Martens shoes, Vans footwear, fanny packs to name a few. Fashion is a beautiful thing.

But my thinking is this, if these are so popular with older people then they must have unrivaled levels of comfort and it actually does tempt me to buy a pair. But the thing is I can’t, Niketown have sold out in my size both on the website AND in the store. Crazy.


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