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Nike Compression Pants – Speedy Recovery from Leg Day


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Nike Compression Pants Review

First things first, these Nike compression pants retail at $60 which I felt was a little high for a pair of tights but after reading the benefits promised I felt the price wasn’t too bad. Plus, I read on the site that they have a 2-year warranty which I was impressed with, so if they aren’t as durable as I had hoped I could always get them replaced.

The pants I am reviewing are called Nike Pro Combat Hyperwarm Compression Max Shield Tights, which is a bit of mouthful, to say the least. Nike should definitely work on shortening the name of these things!


nike compression pants review Do Compression Tights Work


How Do They Feel?

These Nike compression pants are made with Nike’s ‘Dri-FIT’ fabric. They are 92% polyester and 8% elastane. The idea of the’moisture wicking’ Dri-FIT material is to keep the sweat away from your body and keep you feeling dry and comfortable  – The overlays and gusset/gusset lining are made with a slightly different Dri-FIT equation, using 100% polyester and an 84% polyester/16% elastane combination.

Nike’s Dri-FIT pretty much works like other brands (Adidas have ‘Climalite’ and Reebok have ‘PlayDry’), but the way they are put together in different areas makes a significant difference in the way it feels when you’re wearing them. There wasn’t any riding up or pinching when wearing them doing normal activities and I was able to maintain normal range of motion during my exercising.

The tights kept me very warm during my 7 o’clock morning jogs. They are very snug, like a second skin, the Dri Fit moves moisture away from the body really well, especially in the groin and buttock area that is prone to getting very moist during exercise. They didn’t feel so tight that my legs felt numb, it was just the right level of tightness.


nike.com | $60

Leg Day Pain – Did I recover faster?

Another major factor is that with these tights my recovery times became much shorter. The leg pain in the days following a heavy squat and deadlift routine was not as significant as it has been before, I recovered faster and have been able to train my legs more frequently. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel as much of a burn in my legs when running uphill, quite a new feeling. That’s not to say another brand of compression pants wouldn’t do the same, but the significance with these is that the tightness is stronger in different parts of the pants which is intentional and what I think makes these compression pants different to just wearing a super tight pair of sports leggings.

 nike compression pants review Do Compression Tights Work

“After two weeks of use. I felt very different about compression clothing.”


Pros ??

*Speeding up recovery…

This is the most important pro point for me being able to get back to training sooner than I normally am able to. Putting these on after a workout is now just as important as my pre-workout hit of coffee.

*Very comfortable and warm…

They are comfortable to wear, they don’t pinch me in any places or itch at all. I sleep in them too and haven’t felt so hot in them under the duvet that I need to take them off. The materials are very breathable.

*Materials used…

These Nike compression pants keep their form very well, giving fantastic support, allow for the range of motion that I need, and perform the near-impossible task of keeping my muscles both warm and dry from the elements, while still keeping my body at the right temperature and sweat-free, avoiding that chill you get when moist clothing catches a breeze. On cold morning runs in the park, these are really great too.


Cons ??

No product is perfect for everyone…

The price tag…

As mentioned, I sleep in these and I also use them if I’m going for an outside jog. I would love to buy another pair, maybe in a different color but the price is a bit too high to do that. So I just got to make sure I take really good care of them.

*Colour options…

They come in various attractive color options, something which wasn’t available when I bought them. Maybe an electric blue to match my new sneakers. Not really a dealbreaker at all.


Check them out for yourself on the link below

nike.com | $60

Do you wear compression clothing?

Do compression tights work for you?

Let us know how you find them in the comments below.


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