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VIDEO: Winter Workout Essentials Part 2 – Nike Shield Phenom Pants

Stay Warm Outdoors – Winter Workout Essentials Part 2

Nike Shield Phenom Pants Review

Originally, I was going to talk about what I normally do to combat the cold when I workout outside during the colder months, and that is to simply wear a pair of workout leggings underneath my usual joggers, but I came across these Nike Shield Phenom Pants and had to try them out. The Nike Shield Phenom pants are designed to keep you warm, without you losing out on flexibility.

The first thing that you’ll notice about the phenoms is the padding in the quad area – this is the Nike Shield fabric, that resists the wind that comes at you as you run. The pants are also has a soft fleecy fabric that holds in your body heat really well and keeps you feeling warm. They feel soft and are very lightweight but most importantly however THEY STRETCH  – These are 88% polyester and 12 elastane.

Nike Phenom Pants (As Seen In This Review)

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as of June 8, 2020 6:41 am

The Nike Phenom Men's 29" Running Pants are comfortable before, during and after your run. A modern design—a loose fit up top that tapers below the knees—allow you to layer the pants over shorts.
Shown: Black
Style: 857838-010


They have zipped pockets too which is very practical too. No chance of something falling out of your pockets as you run, they also have zips at the hems so you can take them off more easily too. Put these on with some thick socks this winter and you’re good to go, the cold winds won’t stand a chance!

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