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Editor’s Pick: Why The Nike Presto Flyknits Are A Must-Buy For Me

Nike Presto Flyknit Ultra Review – VIDEO


This is a little video talking about the new Nike Presto Flyknits which got released a few weeks ago.

I train at the gym 3 times a week and I have been looking for a good pair of shoes to do my sessions in. So I got browsing and soon enough on one of the forums I hear that Nike are releasing these new high top Prestos with Flyknit material.

nike flyknit presto ultra pair-min

I was hyped about it. I’m not a sneaker head by any stretch but Prestos for me have a nostalgic quality about them. I got my first pair when I was about 16 and I remember them being SO comfortable. I remember when I used to work in retail I’d be on my feet all day long and I remember when I wore my Nike Prestos my feet were so comfortable even after a long shift. They come with a stronger Flyknit material I thought yep, I have to try these out.

nike presto flyknit ss2

They arrived this week and after my first gym session, I realized they don’t feel the same as the low top pair. They feel bigger. I think they have added a bit of sole thickness to the back maybe for structural reasons. But it didn’t affect the comfort. They still feel very comfortable.

Nike makes a big deal about the Flyknit material which they say is engineered for a more precise fit. But to be honest, Prestos have always felt really comfortable so I think the Flyknit material doesn’t make that much actual difference. To me, it just looks a lot cooler. I think it might keep the shoes looking better for longer because I have other Flyknit shoes that I have had for years and they look like they’re in really good condition still.

nike presto flyknit ss2

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