Is No Pain No Gain a Fitness Myth?

no pain no gain myth

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no pain no gain myth

 Myth: No Pain No Gain

Without a doubt, you should extend yourself during your workout as this will allow you to increase the amount of exercising endurance that you have.

However, those who live by the mantra that you have to have muscle pain afterwards are simply in error. While a little discomfort can be natural, you should not be in pain. Exercise should not hurt. If it does, it could indicate that a muscle injury has occurred. This is not to say that a person who is just starting to exercise will not experience some soreness after their workout.


Although physical therapists and doctors have tried to debunk this myth, there are those who still push themselves harder when they feel pain because they think it is the right thing to do. The television show MythBusters has even taken on this myth because so many believe it. While a workout should not be painful, they should still pose a challenge. When workouts hurt, you will have a harder time staying motivated to keep up with your fitness plan.

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