WTF? – Man Gets Penis Stuck in Weight at the Gym ?

In Worms, Germany, Firefighters spent three hours trying to cut a man’s penis free from a free weight plate. A very painful problem.

WTF I hear you say.

It was a 2.5kg weight according to the firefighter’s report on their Facebook page which has a photo of the plate in question as below.

The man did what he did for whatever reason, went to hospital asking for assistance in removing the plate, and the hospital then had to call the firefighters as they didn’t have the tools necessary to remove the plate (a grinder and a hydraulic cutter). So the man was put under sedation and they went to work.

Here’s the photo of the plate cut into five pieces.



Always check the ingredients of your pre-workout before you take it, people.

Writing on Facebook, the fire service said: “Please do not imitate such actions!”

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