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5 Benefits of Pilates Reformer – The Core Necessities

Top 5 Benefits of Pilates Reformer

Pilates refers to a physical fitness scheme that was developed by Joseph Pilates (20th Century). It was formed during the First World War and the intention was to improve the casualties’ rehabilitation programme. Pilates was meant to assist the injured soldiers regain their health through stretching, strengthening and stabilising the key muscles of the body. Joseph favoured movements that were precise, requiring control as well as technique over repetition. Pilates uses the Pilates principles of centering, correct alignment, control, concentration, breathing, precision and flowing movements using special equipment like the Cadillac, Wunda Chair and the Reformer. This article focuses on the Reformer and below are some of the benefits of using the Pilates Reformer.

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1. Boosting Your Endurance

The main feature of this exercise machine is to enable the body to perform movements despite the resistance mounted. This helps in stimulating the muscles to allow your tissues exert more force in order to overcome the resistance. This will result in your body developing a well toned physique and stronger muscles. Your muscle endurance will also be increased, thereby enabling you to engage in exercises that are intense for longer periods without tiring. You will also engage in other activities without suffering from fatigue. Your muscles will be toned and strengthened without becoming too bulky.

2. Promote Proper Posture

Pilates exercises are known for lengthening the spine and thus correcting its alignment. The movements in this exercise are designed in a way that allows the spine to remain at its appropriate alignment. This exercise machine helps in improving your spinal alignment thus enabling your body to be stable. A proper posture enables you to look leaner and taller. Your joints will not strain due to a misaligned spine, and your muscles will balance well. With proper posture, you will be a lot less likely to experience lower back pains in your life.

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3. Developing a Stronger Core

When you train using the Pilates Reformer, you work all the major body muscles including your core. A stronger core will prove beneficial especially when engaging in painstaking physical activities. A weak core is equal to weak physical strength. Your lower back and abdominal muscles make up the core. When the core is strong, it boosts the effectiveness of the exercises you will be doing, as your body will be properly aligned. It enables you to generate a lot of power without exposing your body to injuries.

4. Reduced Body fat

Exercising generally increases your metabolism, and this enhances the rate at which calories are burned in your body. An increase in the muscle mass also increases the number of calories your body burns. When you burn more calories than those you consume, then the excess fat stored in your body will be burned to compensate for the increased energy demand.

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5. Improving Muscle Flexibility

The Pilates Reformer machine helps in toning your muscles and their connective tissues. This machine fully engages a number of muscle groups thereby stretching all the muscle fibers. This boosts your muscle flexibility after some time. Exercises are more effective if you have flexible muscles.

Best way to get started with Pilates Reformer?

The quickest way is to simply Google ‘Pilates reformer near me’ but if you have the space and want to buy a machine for yourself, you can do that too there are many available. Just make sure you assemble it as per the given instructions so as to avoid any injuries!

Bonus* – Using a Pilates Ring

If you want to get started on the Pilates exercises, it isn’t a bad idea to start with a Pilates ring. They’re really good for beginners because they provide a little resistance during exercise. It is portable, versatile and can be used for working all the muscle groups. It is also cheap to purchase.

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