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The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review – Enough bang for your buck?

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Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for a good heart rate monitor, the Polar FT4 heart monitor is one of the greatest motivational tools that I have found to use during cardiovascular workouts. Real cardiovascular fitness happens when you raise your heart rate for 20 minutes or longer at least 3 different times a week. An exercise physiologist informed that it does not matter how fast you move.


The Fitness Path

The Polar FT4 does many helpful things for you during your workout such as tracking your heart rate, keeping track of how long your training session lasts, recording your highest and lowest heart rate, averaging out your heart workout heart rate, and determining how long you were in your target zone.

This device also allows you to store your training information on a wristwatch type computer. You can also enter your information on to record your progress over a certain amount of time. The Polar FT4 works well. You wear a strap that adjusts for your comfort around your chest. It holds a transmitter that keeps track of your heart rate and sends information to the computer on your wrist.

To begin with, you will need to put in information into your watch like computer like the date, time, your weight, and age. This helps it keep up with how many calories you have burned and give out age-related recommendations for your best heart rate zone. You can customize everything based on your level of fitness. Everything is simple to do, and you can download the product manual off of the internet if you need any additional help.


Moving with the Polar FT4

Right before you place the strap on you will need to get two electrode areas wet. After that, you just snap on the connector that will communicatepolar ft4 review heart rate monitor with your watch computer. Place it on your wrist, hit the button, and enjoy your training session.

When you are finished with your workout, hit the button to show that your session is over. It is just that easy. After 40 minutes in the zone, I am ready to stretch so that my muscles do not tense up.

After you have finished, just remove the transmitter to help your battery last longer.

The Polar FT4 is a comfortable and easy way to keep track of your progress. What took me 40 minutes on my first day of training turned into 35 minutes within the first week. I can really tell that my cardiovascular workouts are working for me.



I used the FT4 for a few weeks and it’s a really good piece of kit. The FT4 works really well and has all the basic functionality that I expected from a decent heart rate monitor: heart rate, adjustable heart rate zone, zone warnings, burnt calories, time, average heart rate etc. It’s not very stylish but I wouldn’t wear it outside the gym/ running path anyway.



– Easily set up

– Very easy to use

– The chest belt is very comfortable and machine washable (obviously it gets sweaty)

– Very reliable and finds your heart rate quickly

– The display is very easy to read



– The instructions included were a bit minimal, so really took longer to set up than I had liked.

-Heart rate monitor has showed some signs of failure, not sure if that is isolated to this unit alone, but is something to keep an eye on.



Personally I may make the jump to a heart rate monitor that has more advanced functions such as a GPS receiver in the future but I can recommend the Polar FT4 for anybody who wants a reliable heart rate monitor with basic functions for a reasonable price.



The recommended retail price for the Polar FT4 is £74.50


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