5 Post Natal Vitamins Every Mother Should Consider

post natal vitamins post pregnacy

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5 Post Natal Vitamins Every Mother Should Consider

Most women know about the benefits of taking prenatal vitamins. They keep mothers healthy during pregnancy and deliver vital nutrients to the unborn child. The need to supplement nutrition does not end at birth, post natal vitamins are very important to the health of mother and child as well.

People who do not ensure that they get the proper nutrients to recover from the trauma of childbirth risk post natal malnutrition in the mother and developmental issues in the child.

The following will list some of the most important post pregnancy vitamins along with the reason for their use.

1. Folic Acid or Folate

This is one of the main supplements recommended for women during pregnancy. It has a series of positive effects on the mother and child including the prevention of spina bifida and the general well being of the child’s nervous system.

When it comes to post natal vitamins, after a pregnancy, the continuation of folate supplementation can help the mother ward off the effects of post-partum depression. It also plays a role in both the health of the heart and blood.

2. Vitamin Dpost natal vitamins post pregnacy

This one of the recommended post natal vitamins as vitamin d is particularly necessary for mothers who are breast feeding, but is recommended for all women after pregnancy.

The process of childbirth depletes the body of calcium and vitamin D is vital to the absorption of calcium. Of course this applies to the mother and the baby, and the baby’s main supply is through breast milk. This means that it is imperative that mothers have a steady supply of vitamin D. As it is not plentiful in food, a supplement is highly recommended.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A contributes to the health of hair and skin. After the rigours of childbirth, women can suffer hair loss and skin problems which can contribute to post-partum depression. In children, vitamin A deficiency is a more serious problem, contributing to infant mortality and morbidity at a high rate worldwide. Supplementing the mother will pass the vitamin on to breast feeding babies.

Post Natal Vitamins Every Mother Should Consider 4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C offers multiple effects that are mutually beneficial to both mother and child.

One of the more well known traits of Vitamin C is that it helps to maintain immunity to disease. This will help to keep the mother helpful and the immunities that she has can be passed on to the child through breast milk.

An added benefit of taking Vitamin C is that it aids in the absorption of Iron, which will likely have been depleted through childbirth. It is best to take the Vitamin C in conjunction with high iron foods or an iron supplement.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E provides antioxidant action that helps to repair cell damage and aid the body in the expulsion of toxins. This can assist the body as it recovers from childbirth as well as providing some relief from the fatigue that is generally experienced post-partum.

When determining a regimen of supplements, it is important to speak with a physician. Proper dosing and any
contraindications should be examined before beginning to take any supplement.

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